ICBC Deploys Guidewire Claim Portal to Digitize Claims Service

Replacing its legacy portal, the new system enables policyholder to input relevant claims information directly into Guidewire ClaimCenter, which ICBC deployed in 2013.

(Victoria, B.C. Photo credit: Brandon Godfrey.)

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC; Vancouver), a provincial Crown corporation and sole provider of universal compulsory auto insurance in British Columbia (BC), has implemented Guidewire (Foster City, Calif.) Claim Portal for Policyholders to optimize the claims experience of its policyholders. Guidewire PartnerConnect Consulting member Ernst & Young LLP (New York) supported the implementation project.

Gary Eastwood, Chief Information and Technology Officer, ICBC.

ICBC adopted Claim Portal for Policyholders to replace its legacy policyholder claim portal system, and to enable its policyholders to input relevant claims information directly into Guidewire ClaimCenter, which ICBC deployed in 2013. The company implemented Claim Portal for Policyholders across all of its non-fleet personal and commercial auto lines of business in British Columbia. In March 2017, ICBC announced that it had completed implementation of Guidewire PolicyCenter, also with help from Ernst & Young.

“The prospect of a quick initial deployment thanks to our previous Guidewire ClaimCenter investment made the selection of Claim Portal for Policyholders an attractive and natural solution for us,” comments Gary Eastwood, CI/TO, ICBC. “By focusing on a primarily out-of-the-box implementation approach, with only minor customization for appearance and style templates, we experienced a smooth implementation and were able to complete the project on time and on budget.”

David Connolly, Principal, Ernst & Young LLP.

Among the benefits ICBC is now enjoying from Claim Portal for Policyholders are the following capabilities, as described by the vendor:

  • Increase speed-to-market through its out-of-the-box functionality;
  • Provide a better customer service experience by empowering policyholders with improved self-service claim capabilities; and
  • Increase market responsiveness to changing business and technical requirements while lowering total cost of ownership

“Our Claim Portal for Policyholders implementation has gone smoothly, and customer and employee feedback has been very positive,” comments Kathy Parslow, VP, Claims and Driver Licensing Operations, ICBC. “We are excited about the benefits this new portal will bring for years to come.”

Supporting Customer Satisfaction and Growth

“We are honored to play a role in the development of ICBC’s policyholder claims portal, to support ICBC’s customer satisfaction and growth goals,” comments David Connolly, Principal, Ernst & Young LLP. “We look forward to continuing to work with ICBC as it moves its claims processes into the future.”

ICBC Completes Business Transformation with Guidewire PolicyCenter Implementation

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