Ibexis Life & Annuity Chooses Insurance Technologies FireLight 

Through Firelight, Ibexis intends to make it easier for advisors to help their clients select the best investment and retirement option.

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Ibexis Life & Annuity Insurance Company (Jefferson, Mo.), a provider of fixed annuities, has implemented Insurance Technologies’ (Colorado Springs, Colo.) FireLight Illustration and e-Application to deliver a fully electronic sales experience that makes the annuity sales process easy, intuitive and connected for advisors.

Michael Maughan, COO, Ibexis.

Using Firelight’s seamlessly linked annuity illustration to e-application sales experience, Ibexis intends to make it easier for advisors to help their clients select the best investment and retirement option, according to an Insurance Technologies statement. Ibexis chose FireLight for its flexibility, usability, distribution network and speed to market, the vendor says.

“At Ibexis, we focus on getting the right products to the market at the right time while making selling and buying an annuity easy,” comments Michael Maughan, COO, Ibexis. “To achieve this, we need a digital platform that allows us to create a complete digital sales experience and be able to get new products to advisors quickly and efficiently.  With Insurance Technologies and the FireLight platform, we were able to build our new MYGA Plus product and launch it to our distribution partners in a few months with a digital sales experience advisors desire.”

Streamlined, Complete Digital Sales Experience

Clint Moore, COO, Insurance Technologies.

“Ibexis was looking for a digital platform that would allow them to introduce new products to market efficiently and create a complete digital sales experience that was streamlined and efficient as possible,” comments Clint Moore, COO, Insurance Technologies. “We are pleased that FireLight checked all their boxes and that we were able to support them in achieving their digital sales goals to make it easy for advisors to illustrate products and submit in-good-order business electronically.”

To eliminate friction within the sales process and provide additional value to its distribution partners, Ibexis is using high-value integrations, including “can sell-check,” according to the Insurance Technologies statement. It adds that Ibexis plans to expand its digital experience, integrations and product offering to offer influential sales processes and experiences for its distribution partners and their advisors.

“We look forward to introducing new products to the market in the near future and are excited to offer these products to our distribution partners through FireLight,” adds Ibexis’ Maughan.

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