Hyland OnBase 17 Designed to Support Accelerated Digital Transformation

The new release includes enhancements to advanced capture, document composition, document packaging and customer communications management, and Guidewire Solution Accelerators.

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Hyland (Cleveland) has released the latest version of its enterprise information platform, OnBase by Hyland. The vendor reports that the OnBase 17 release includes improvements such as greater configurability, enhanced mobile capabilities and expanded integration options.

Bill Priemer, President and CEO, Hyland.

Bill Priemer, President and CEO, Hyland.

Hyland characterizes OnBase as combining the capabilities of enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management and capture on a single platform deployed in the cloud or on premises, enabling clients to simplify their IT footprint. OnBase 17 has nearly 3,500 new customer-driven features and enhancements across all aspects of the software, improving functionality and refreshing the user experience with modernized client interfaces, according to the vendor.

“We’re thrilled to introduce OnBase 17, the world’s most powerful, versatile and intuitive enterprise information platform,” said Bill Priemer, president and CEO, Hyland. “We’ve made improvements to all areas of the product, affecting every industry we serve. This includes tremendous enhancements to the user experience, based on customer feedback. We’re elated with the result and confident our customers will be, too.”

Hyland reports the following key general enhancements to the OnBase platform:

  • An elevated user experience:A refreshed design with improved navigation and visibility facilitates ease of operation for users and administrators alike. Numerous performance enhancements, such as a faster document viewer with a lower memory footprint, elevate usability.
  • Offline mobile briefcase:Deskless workers can continue to work digitally in areas where there is limited or no network connectivity. Relevant information in OnBase is securely downloaded to the mobile device for offline work. While working unconnected, users can gather new information in forms, photos and documents—all synchronizing back to the OnBase system once network connectivity becomes available.
  • Refined two-factor authentication:New tools make it easier to utilize third-party identity service providers for enhanced security.
  • Capture upgrades: Expedited scanning and indexing processes, mobile offline capture capabilities and more administrative tools support increasingly sophisticated capture scenarios.
  • Advanced electronic form capabilities: Administrators have much more flexibility with form design, graphical formatting and template management.

    Brenda Kirk, SVP, Corporate Strategy and Product, Hyland.

    Brenda Kirk, SVP, Corporate Strategy and Product, Hyland.

With regard to insurance-specific improvements, for claims, policy and billing, OnBase 17 offers solution enhancements in advanced capture, document composition, document packaging and customer communications management, Hyland reports. The new release also comes with cloud-ready solution accelerators for v9 of Guidewire (Foster City, Calif.) ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter and BillingCenter are available and have received Ready for Guidewire designation.

Strengthened Position

“Each year, we continue to strengthen our position as a leading developer of content services platforms and applications,” comments Brenda Kirk, senior VP of corporate strategy and product, Hyland. “After over 1.3 million hours of research and development to keep us ahead of the curve, OnBase 17 delivers an even more capable and configurable platform with unlimited potential for our customers to grow and innovate with confidence.”

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