HLPartnership Adopts iPipeline SolutionBuilder to Help Advisors Build Protection Business

Connecting with CRM and field underwriting systems, the solution enables advisors to research and quote multiple products including life, critical illness and income protection with minimal data input.

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HLPartnership (Worthing, West Sussex, U.K.), a network of mortgage and general insurance intermediaries has adopted iPipeline’s (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and Exton, Pa.) SolutionBuilder solution.

Christopher Tanner, CEO, HLPartnership.

Christopher Tanner, CEO, HLPartnership.

“Providing our advisers with the latest technology to allow them to carry out their job in the most efficient, effective way is a core strategy for our network,” comments Christopher Tanner, CEO, HLPartnership. “It’s also vital to ensure that our advisers have all the information they need to be able to offer their client’s multiple protection solutions that are affordable and most importantly meet their needs.”

The vendor describes SolutionBuilder as an intelligent protection quote solution that allows advisors to easily compare all protection needs within a simplified and responsive user interface. The solution supports all views of single and multi-benefit products so that advisers can quickly identify the right solution, based on their client’s needs and budget, according to iPipeline.

HLPartnership advisors can access SolutionBuilder via their 360 Lifecycle CRM system or on a standalone basis, iPipeline reports. Both routes allow advisors to research and quote multiple products including life, critical illness and income protection with minimal data input, the vendor asserts. The application allows results to be compared side by side, to ease advisors’ identification of the right products for their clients.

Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director, iPipeline.

Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director, iPipeline.

“With [iPipeline’s field underwriting tool] XRAE built into the process to support advisers on whether their client is likely to be rated, and SolutionBuilder integrated with 360 Lifecycle is another demonstration of our drive to future proof our members against the impact of the digital age,” adds HLPartnership’s Tanner.

Ensuring that Clients Receive the Best Possible Coverage

HLPartnership’s adoption of SolutionBuilder expands an existing relationship of many years, bringing it to the next level, observes Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director, iPipeline. “We provide technology solutions that help drive protection sales, which in turn allows advisers to ensure their clients receive the best possible cover to meet their requirements,” he comments. “Over the past year we have helped our clients deliver a 14 percent increase in the number of protection clients quoted and a 34 percent increase in protection sales. Product fashions and features fade, great advice is eternal.”

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