Archived Webcast. Hitting the Moving Target of Insurance Customer Engagement: Future-Proofing CCM Strategy


Access this webcast on-demand to learn more about:

·      Meeting emerging digital customer expectations

·      Generating communications across multiple channels

·      Managing single interactions through diverse channels

·      Using data from multiple systems to create communications

·      Building a strategic view of all customer touch points

The pace at which consumer expectations change makes customer satisfaction an elusive goal. The importance of online and mobile capabilities is a foregone conclusion, but new device capabilities and preferred channels of communication continue to proliferate. These shifting sands present both a serious challenge—and a significant opportunity. Outbound communications are the most frequent occasion for insurers to communicate with policyholders—and can be the spearhead of digital transformation for insurers struggling with legacy systems and cultural issues.

The reality of customer expectations today is that they vary—from person to person, from moment to moment, and from year to year. To deliver a modern customer experience requires mastery of all the channels customers choose to use, even within a single interaction. And it requires adaptability to new channels as they arise. In this one-hour webcast, we’ll explore current, emerging and future customer expectations and discuss examples of insurers who have modernized their CCM capabilities.