Hippo Partners with Kangaroo to Provide Home Security Options to Customers

The partnership expands the suite of smart device kits available within Hippo’s smart home program to include a self-monitored smart home security kit from Kangaroo.

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Hippo, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based, unicorn-status InsurTech distributor that applies emerging data sources and processing approaches to homeowners’ insurance, has announced a partnership designed to provide customers with more options to safeguard their homes against potential risks, while receiving additional discounts on their home insurance policy. The partnership expands the suite of smart device kits available within Hippo’s smart home program to include a self-monitored smart home security kit from Kangaroo (New York), which has already provided more than $1 million in savings to customers who received its hardware and smart home discounts.

Yuval Harry, Chief Revenue Officer, Hippo.

New Hippo Insurance Services customers who enroll in Hippo’s smart home program will be eligible for a home security kit from Kangaroo with their home insurance policy as a result of the partnership. The self-monitored smart sensors from Kangaroo detect specific issues around a home, which include some of the biggest homeowner concerns that commonly lead to claims, including leak and motion detection. The five-piece Kangaroo security system tailored for Hippo customers will include a siren and keypad, water and climate sensor, motion and entry sensor, “roo” tags and a “24/7 protection” yard sign.

Hippo Insurance customers who activate their Kangaroo home security kit will secure an average annual savings of $64 on their home insurance premium, the insurer reports. Customers will also gain access to what Hippo calls a seamless setup and an active alert system available through the Kangaroo app, supported on all iOS and Android devices.

Most Effective Tools, Services and Insurance

Dhruv Garg, Co-Founder and President, Kangaroo.

“Smart sensors and devices have become a more natural part of homeownership and most importantly, home protection, as we’ve seen through the evolution of Hippo’s smart home program over the past three years,” comments Yuval Harry, Chief Revenue Officer, Hippo. “Our partnership with Kangaroo offers our customers top-notch smart home devices ensuring they’ll always have the most effective tools, services and insurance policies to keep their homes protected.”

Hippo Insurance Services says that since it launched its smart home program in 2017, the benefits of its smart home capabilities have helped drive down potential risks and the cost of home insurance premiums for Hippo customers. The inclusion of smart home devices with a home insurance policy enables customers to keep their homes secure, mitigate risks and save on costs associated with potential damages.

“We’re proud of our ability to deliver best in class solutions that take the complexity (and headaches) out of home security,” comments Dhruv Garg, co-founder and President, Kangaroo. “It’s an added bonus when we can work with a smart, game-changing InsurTech like Hippo to offer added savings and peace of mind to their customers by showing the true value of our offerings.”

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