Hippo Insurance Expands Claims Partnerships with Handdii and Westhill

The partnerships will allow Hippo Insurance Services to match claimants with top-tier contractors to deliver high-quality work, real-time updates and a faster reconstruction timeline.

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Hippo Insurance, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based unicorn-status InsurTech distributor that applies emerging data sources and processing approaches to homeowners’ insurance, has announced two new partnerships the company says are aimed at increasing the efficiency of its end-to-end customer claims handling. Partnerships with Handdii (Melbourne, Australia) and Westhill (Atlanta) will allow Hippo Insurance Services to match claimants with top-tier contractors to deliver the comfort and satisfaction of high-quality work, real-time updates and a faster reconstruction timeline, according to a Hippo statement.

Daniel Blanaru, VP, Growth Initiatives, Hippo.

Hippo Insurance Service’s in-house claims team is centered around its claims concierge service, which the company says is designed to make the claims handling process as smooth as possible from start to finish with a single point of contact. With its strategic new partners, Hippo’s customers with insurance claims will also be connected directly with a pre-vetted contractor or service professional to manage their repairs and reconstruction.

Westhill’s digital platform is designed for medium to large sized property claims fulfillment. The company partners with contractors with expertise in mitigating or repairing property losses with complexity ranging from single-trade roofing to total loss fires. Through Handdii, which is focused on minor repairs such as exterior wind damage, water leaks and general equipment breakdown, claims are closed in an average of 14 days inclusive of mitigation and reconstruction, compared to the 40-day industry average, according to Hippo.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Hippo Insurance Services reports that it measures customer satisfaction closely throughout the claims process. Both its new partners track several performance metrics, including customer satisfaction, to ensure that top quality work is completed and real-time updates are provided along the way. This focus on customer satisfaction specifically for its claims operations allows Hippo’s claims concierge team to deliver the best possible experience from the moment an issue occurs through to its resolution, the company says.

Christie Downs, Co-founder and CEO, Handdii.

Hippo’s program with Handdii, where contractors and service providers have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, is currently live in select cities across California and Texas. The program with Westhill is live in cities across Texas. Both Hippo partners have successfully serviced hundreds of claims for customers this year, successfully and with high levels of customer satisfaction, according to Hippo. The company plans to actively expand the program to additional states where Hippo Insurance Services is available later this year.

“The most important moment that we need to stand by our customers is when they file a claim, and we approach the process with empathy, since we’re rebuilding their lives, not just their property,” comments Daniel Blanaru, VP of Growth Initiatives, Hippo. “We’re taking a bigger role in providing a resource and solution for all things within the home, so that our clients can feel reassured that Hippo will handle the tough stuff for them. Handdii and Westhill are two partners we brought on who are pioneering the space and helping create a renewed claims experience for Hippo clients.”

Greater Comfort and Convenience

“The claims process for insurance companies has been a complicated and complex process left in the hands of policyholders to navigate,” comments Christie Downs, Co-founder and CEO, Handdii. “We’re proud of the positive achievements our partnership has provided to Hippo clients to close out claims with more convenience and comfort than ever before.”

“Hippo has a proven ability to always put the customer first,” comments Lary Parker, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Westhill. “We’re proud to offer the sophistication of Westhill’s platform and ecosystem of contractors to manage even the most complicated of losses, ensuring that Hippo clients have a reassuring and comfortable experience every time.”

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