Hi Marley’s Ready for Guidewire Accelerator Available to ClaimCenter Users

Available to users of ClaimCenter on Guidewire Cloud in the Guidewire Marketplace, the accelerator complements existing Hi Marley apps for Claim Center and InsuranceNow.

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Guidewire (San Mateo, Calif.) and Hi Marley (Boston) have announced that Hi Marley’s new Ready for Guidewire validated accelerator is now available to users of ClaimCenter on Guidewire Cloud in the Guidewire Marketplace. This accelerator adds to Hi Marley’s Guidewire Marketplace offering, which includes additional apps for ClaimCenter and InsuranceNow.

Jackie Booth, SVP, Product, Hi Marley.

Hi Marley’s property/casualty-specific Conversational Insurance Cloud platform is designed to enable insurers to connect and collaborate with their policyholders via text, mitigating communication inefficiencies. The platform also facilitates collaboration internally through features like specific roles and group assignments, in-app notes, mentions and replies, and multi-user conversations. According to a statement from the companies, the Insurance Cloud and Guidewire accelerator are enriched with features that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to ease communication and enhance automation for insurers. Using AI, Hi Marley can translate messages into 19 languages to remove communication barriers with policyholders. Hi Marley’s Coaching capabilities allow adjusters to benefit from AI-enabled personalized alerts designed to help proactively engage with policyholders, de-escalating potential issues.

The Hi Marley Guidewire Accelerator for Texting also enables insurers to do the following, as described in the joint statement:

  • Open, close, and access Hi Marley conversations directly within ClaimCenter on Guidewire Cloud;
  • Initiate and participate in text conversations with policyholders to collect details about claims;
  • Leverage text templates and scheduled messages to optimize workflows;
  • Promptly receive notifications of new policyholder activity; and
  • Automate claim assignment/reassignment communication.

Hi Marley reports that it ensures that its technology is compliant and secure, including SOC2 compliance. Its Guidewire app captures SMS opt-in/opt-out status for TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliance and allows users to control case privacy and customize user visibility to protect sensitive information. Conversation transcripts and media files can also be saved as part of the claim file for increased transparency.

Will Murphy, VP, Global Technology Alliances, Guidewire.

“Our technology streamlines processes and helps insurance professionals to be more productive through simple, hassle-free communication,” comments Jackie Booth, SVP, Product, Hi Marley. “With Hi Marley’s intelligent conversational platform, ClaimCenter users are enabled with an integrated experience, secure compliance measures, and increased workflow efficiencies.”

Claims Communications through a Convenient, Preferred Method

“Congratulations to Hi Marley on the release of its new ClaimCenter app for Guidewire Cloud customers,” comments Will Murphy, VP, Global Technology Alliances, Guidewire. “Hi Marley’s technology enables claims professionals to communicate with policyholders via texting—a convenient, preferred communication method for numerous customers. Replaced with texting, insurers can experience a reduction in call volume and ‘phone tag’ traditionally associated with claims, improving cycle times and customer satisfaction, along with an improved experience for team representatives.”

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