Heritage Insurance Company Selects InsuranceSuite on Guidewire Cloud

The company will implement InsuranceSuite beginning with ClaimCenter across all lines of business and states where it operates, followed by implementations of PolicyCenter and BillingCenter.

(Image source: Heritage Insurance Company website.)

Heritage Insurance Company (Tampa, Fla.) has selected InsuranceSuite on Guidewire Cloud to power core operations and simplify IT and quickly adapt to changing market demands, according to a joint statement from the insurer and Guidewire (San Mateo, Calif.). The company plans to implement InsuranceSuite beginning with ClaimCenter simultaneously across all lines of business and states where it operates, the statement says. The implementations of PolicyCenter and BillingCenter will follow, to be implemented by state upon policyholder conversion or renewal. Guidewire PartnerConnect Consulting member PwC (London) will be leading the implementation project.

Sai Giridharan, VP, Head of Digital Transformation & Analytics, Heritage Insurance Company.

By selecting Guidewire Cloud, Heritage will also be utilizing Cloud Data Access (CDA) to securely access raw, uncurated InsuranceSuite data with all change history, the companies report. Heritagre will be making CDA the basis for streaming Guidewire Cloud Data in near real-time into its robust Enterprise Data Warehouse. In addition, Canvas, Compare, Explore, HazardHub, and Predict will help Heritage make every insurance decision smarter by leveraging curated intel from an array of high-value data sources, embedding intelligence into core processes, and learning continuously by monitoring business impact. Heritage will also operate EnterpriseEngage to offer a seamless omnichannel digital experience to its agents, customer service representatives, policyholders, and vendors.

“We operate in catastrophe-prone areas so it’s very critical for us to respond to market conditions quickly,” comments Sai Giridharan, VP, Head of Digital Transformation & Analytics, Heritage. “Guidewire Cloud’s configurability will enable us to achieve the speed-to-market and help with overall productivity. We are also excited about the benefits that Guidewire’s analytics capabilities will offer to us, such as leveraging Predict for predictive modeling.”

Ernie Garateix, CEO, Heritage Insurance Company.

“By leveraging Guidewire Cloud, we will be able to take advantage of Guidewire’s latest technology and innovation,” adds Ernie Garateix, CEO, Heritage. “Guidewire will enable us to bring about process efficiencies across our operations.”

“Businesses of all sizes are seeing the value in embracing cloud transformation as a necessary step in their growth and Guidewire Cloud continues to be a leading tool in this journey,” said Imran Ilyas, Partner, PwC. “We are pleased that Heritage has entrusted us with implementing Guidewire applications in Guidewire Cloud and look forward to facilitating their transformation.”

John Mullen, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Guidewire Software.

“Heritage is a premier provider of P&C insurance along the U.S. Gulf Coast,” comments John Mullen, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Guidewire. “We applaud the company’s mission to deliver insurance products and services that offer the greatest value in the most challenging markets. We look forward to our partnership with Heritage as they leverage InsuranceSuite on Guidewire Cloud to ensure they meet their commitment to provide homeowners with the highest quality property insurance and some of the most competitive rates in the region.”

Heritage also selected SmartCOMM from Smart Communications (London) for customer communications management. Guidewire is a reseller of Smart Communications, a Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution member.

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