Hello Zum Wins ITC LAIF Award for Latin American Startups

Other finalists were Eprezto, a Panama City-based distributor of auto and motorcycle insurance, and Nubihome, a smart home app and devices provider based in Buenos Aires.

(From left, Eduardo Iglesias, Caribou Honig, Carlos Miguel Vidal and Cristina Rhodes. Source: LAIF.)

Hello ZUM, (Lima, Peru) was named winner of the ITC LAIF Award recognizing the best startups in Latin America at the Insuretech Connect event in Las Vegas in September. The award was received by Carlos Miguel Vidal, founder of Hello ZUM. Hello ZUM developed a white label SaaS policy administration system that is multi-line and multi-carrier and enables digital sales and post-sales processes for any insurance distributor, including brokers, banks, retailers, car dealers, and insurance carriers selling directly. The system integrates sales and post-sales processes end to end, from the insurance companies to the end-customers, via proprietary APIs.

Carlos Miguel Vidal, founder of Hello ZUM.

“It is an honor to have been named winners of the ITC LAIF Award, especially at an event as prestigious as Insuretech Connect,” comments Vidal. “This only validates that Hello ZUM’s value proposition solves an industry problem common to all insurance markets. After years of talking about a truly digital insurance industry, this year will be remembered as the year that the insurance industry started adopting open API services to truly allow all the players in the industry to interconnect.”

The ITC LAIF award, founded in 2018, is a collaboration between Insuretech Connect and the Latin America Insurance Fund (LAIF, Buenos Aires), the first Latin America-based corporate venture capital fund exclusively focused on insurance industry startups. Hello ZUM succeeded over two other finalists, Eprezto, a Panama City-based distributor of auto and motorcycle insurance, and Nubihome, a smart home app and devices provider based in Buenos Aires.

Eduardo Iglesias, CEO, Colón Seguros and Managing Partner, LAIF.

“We are proud and honored to have concluded the first edition of the ITC LAIF Award, showcasing many innovative Latin American startups,” comments Eduardo Iglesias, Managing Partner, LAIF. “Together with ITC, we reinforced our ties with the InsurTech entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region to add value to start-ups that are in early stages or at a more mature point in their development.”

The judges selecting and presenting the award were Caribou Honig, President and co-founder of InsureTech Connect; Cristina Rhodes, Managing Director of  Peña Verde Group, a portfolio of risk management-focused companies based in México City; and Eduardo Iglesias, co-founder and CEO of  eColón (Buenos Aires) and Managing Partner, LAIF.

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