Hearsay Integrates with Adobe Experience Manager and DocuSign

The vendor has invested in robust APIs to enable its insurance and financial advisor firms to share content created in platforms such as Adobe Experience Manager with a single click.

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Hearsay Systems, a San Francisco-based provider of marketing and communication tools to the insurance and financial services industries has announced new integration capabilities for its content library, which the vendor says will make it even easier for customers to deliver rich, customizable content to their clients. Through newly developed APIs, marketing teams of advisor firms and insurance companies can now share high-quality content created in platforms such as Adobe Experience Manager with their field sales forces with a single click, according to a Hearsay statement. The vendor says this significantly expands the reach of marketing efforts, provides agents and advisors with the most engaging content and more accurately measures content performance and more effective results for the field. New API-based integration with DocuSign (San Francisco) makes it easier for executing transactions.

Clara Shih, CEO, Hearsay Social.

“It is very exciting for our customers that Hearsay now integrates with Adobe Experience Manager,” comments Clara Shih, CEO and founder of Hearsay Systems.  “Hearsay and Adobe are a natural fit, making it easy for financial services firms to elevate their end-user experience by delivering a consistent experience at each critical stage of the customer journey while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Now corporate marketing teams can significantly expand the reach of their content by leveraging their field to publish highly relevant content faster and easier than ever before.”

By integrating with content management systems, the content that firms develop can be shared seamlessly with field advisors and agents for compliant distribution to their networks via social and personal websites, Hearsay says. The firm integrates via API with popular content management systems such as Adobe Experience Manager and Sitecore so that access to high-quality content becomes simple for agents and advisors, regardless of where the content comes from.

Karen Shakoske, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Janney Montgomery Scott.

The vendor note that several customers have already integrated Hearsay with the foundational elements of their ecosystems, enriching their CRMs, deepening their analytics capabilities, and enabling multi-channel client journeys specifically designed for advisors and agents making their archiving process more streamlined.

“More than ever, it is important for us to provide easy to use workflows that allow our advisors to connect and engage in meaningful ways with clients and potential prospects about the things that matter most in securing their financial futures,” comments Karen Shakoske, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Janney Montgomery Scott (Philadelphia). “Hearsay’s ability to integrate with everyday use systems like CRM and our archiving platform makes our mission easier: to provide our advisors a fast and seamless way to manage their communications efforts and client engagement data at scale. These key integrations have helped us feel confident in unlocking new engagement channels for our advisors, such as compliant text messaging via Hearsay Relate.”

Gaurav Agarwal, VP, Strategy and Partnerships, Hearsay.

Integration with DocuSign

Hearsay says its APIs also help automate and facilitate the timely execution of critical client documents. Hearsay’s compliant solution integrates with DocuSign (San Francisco), for instance, to deliver agreements on the client’s preferred device to advance advisor/agent productivity, including over text message. Then with Hearsay Relate, which offers seamless texting between advisor and client, questions about documents can be answered immediately.

“As we continue to expand the Hearsay platform to become a core component of our customers’ respective ecosystems, we are laser focused on delivering solutions and workflows that complement and are additive to the systems our customers rely on every day,” comments Gaurav Agarwal, VP, Strategy and Partnerships, Hearsay Systems. “Investing in our platform and opening APIs makes this remarkably simple—we can align our product and integration strategy alongside our customers’ needs.”

A Conversation with Eugene Lee of Hearsay Systems

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