Healthcare Services Group Modernizes on Delphi Technology System

HSG selected Delphi for its Medical Professional Liability-specific capabilities and the vendor’s industry knowledge and credentials.

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Healthcare Services Group (HSG; Jefferson City, Mo.) has chosen Delphi Technology’s (Boston) Medical Professional Liability insurance processing solution to replace its legacy policy administration system and transform core operations.

Becky Branson, Marketing, Communications and Information Systems Director, HSG.

The HSG Family of Companies consists of multiple companies under the HSG aegis, designed to provide an array of products and services to members/insureds. In addition to HSG’s core business, the company is also the service provider for the Missouri JUA, and performs TPA, Legal, Claims, and Risk Management Services for their members/insureds. In fulfilling these missions, HSG faced limitations caused by its legacy system, particularly with regard to speed of changes, completeness of functionality, and reporting needs. Consequently, the insurer saw the importance of moving from a legacy platform onto a robust, flexible, modern platform.

HGS considered building rather than buying a system to meet its unique needs prior to identifying Delphi’s Medical Professional Liability suite as a candidate, according to Becky Branson, Marketing, Communications and Information Systems Director, HSG. “We found Delphi Technology to be the only company with an MPL-specific product and determined that we could not ‘customize’ another product, or design our own, that would compare with Delphi’s solution,” she says. “From our first meeting, we were impressed with the industry knowledge and credentials of their business and IT professionals. Their staff and approach to conducting business, combined with their outstanding product, gave us the confidence to partner with Delphi on this massive development project.”

Mark O’Shaughnessy, SVP, Business Development, Delphi Technology.

Handling the Complexity and Diversity of HSG’s Business

Delphi characterizes the ability of its technology to handle the complexity and diversity of HSG’s entire medical professional liability business as a huge benefit for the company as it undertakes modernization. Responding to new business opportunities and market changes in a timely manner is critical for the carrier, and Delphi Medical Professional Liability will allow HSG to do so efficiently and effectively, the vendor asserts.

“We’re honored to have earned the trust of HSG for such an important partnership,” comments Mark O’Shaughnessy, SVP, Business Development, Delphi Technology. “Our teams have worked together very closely for months to gather requirements and plan this core transformation. We have the utmost respect for the integrity, professionalism, and capabilities of the HSG team. We’re excited to begin a journey that will ensure a successful transition and to help HSG continue to provide the superior service that their customers have learned to appreciate over the decades.”

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