HawkSoft and b atomic! Extend Partnership to Serve Insurance Agencies

The Neon platform has formally joined Hawksoft’s API partner program through API integration between the HawkSoft Insurance Platform and b atomic!’s Neon.

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HawkSoft (Canby, Ore.) and b atomic! (Solon, Ohio) formed a Solution Partner relationship in 2022 and have furthered their collaboration by introducing API integration to mutual customers at the start of 2024. Today, b atomic! has formally joined HawkSoft’s API Partner program with API integration between the HawkSoft Insurance Platform and neon by b atomic!. Mutual customers of HawkSoft and b atomic!’s neon platform can enable API integration using Marketplace in HawkSoft.

Rushang Shah, Chief Marketing Officer, HawkSoft.

A joint statement from the companies describes Neon as a powerful business intelligence platform that super charges the insight available to independent insurance agencies of all sizes. Neon folds together CRM functionality through Salesforce with API connectivity throughout an agency’s varied tech stack—which now includes the HawkSoft agency management system. “This enables cost per transaction reporting, agency benchmarking, sales/service performance monitoring, and a unique data revenue sharing model that benefits agencies using neon,” the statement continues. “API integration with the agency management system is key to delivering these features.” Neon connects seamlessly with HawkSoft through the platform’s latest API functions, the statement says.

Rethinking Processes for the Better

The companies relate that their mutual customers have been benefiting from this integration over the last few months. For example, JR Bell, Principal Owner of Bell Insurance Solutions in Illinois, reports promising results through integration. “I can tell you that using neon with HawkSoft has completely changed the way my team tackles our day and my staff love it,” Bell comments. “The insights from neon have made me, as the agency owner, rethink a lot of my processes for the better.”

“We have built a strong track record with b atomic! by helping agencies access technology and insights once locked away from all but the biggest firms,” comments Rushang Shah, Chief Marketing Officer, HawkSoft. “b atomic! lets the local independent insurance agency get deep insights into their business just like the large agencies.”

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