Haven Life Balances Human and Machine in the Digital Customer Experience

IIR talks with Paya Schlass, Customer Success Expert, Haven Life, about the place of human intervention in the life insurance digital customer experience.

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One of the advantages assumed for digital insurance is the prevalence of self-service—it’s far more efficient than processes requiring human intervention, and the emerging consumer typically prefers not to interact with another human. However, there are parts of the life insurance customer experience when a prospect or policyholder may want human interaction, for example, for specific advice about the workings of a complex product, of for any service transaction where purely digital resources don’t get the job done. Insurance Innovation Reporter talks with Paya Schlass, Customer Success Expert, about how Haven Life, MassMutual’s New York-based direct digital distributor, balances the human touch with self-service and other automated digital processes.

Paya Schlass, Customer Success Expert, Haven Life.