HailStrike Launches New Claims Management System for Hail-Prone Locations

The system includes uses HailStrike tools such as hail sto­­rm history, color-coded hail activity maps, property information, owner details, custom reminders, local demographic information, and roof measurement tool.

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HailStrike, a Plano, Texas-based provider of weather forensics solutions, has released CLAIM, a claims management system for hail-prone locations. CLAIM, which stands for Complete Location Analysis & Information Management, uses existing HailStrike tools, including: hail sto­­rm history, color-coded hail activity maps, general property information, owner details, custom reminders, local demographic information, roof measurement tool with job cost and estimations, and the vendor’s radar-based multi-site monitoring. HailStrike also introducing a new tool called StormCompass which shows an average of storm directions that have impacted the selected property in the past.

Daron Sneed, CEO, HailStrike.

Daron Sneed, CEO, HailStrike.

“With the new CLAIM system, we have brought all of those powerful tools together in a single window that allows users to completely manage their claim from head to toe,” comments Daron Sneed, CEO, HailStrike. “This new tool is another industry first and is fully supported with training and instructional videos.”

Users entering locations into the CLAIM system have the option to specify details about the property owner, insurance carrier and claim information, according to a vendor statement. They can also set reminders and specify hail monitoring for the location for instant notification of future hail activity. With what HailStrike characterizes as a logically laid out graphical user interface, users can notate, arrange, prioritize, edit and save projects for future reference.

Unique Features

The system also includes the Roof Area measurement tool, which HailStrike says can be used to quickly estimate the area and cost of a project. The system saves all data in a user’s online account as long as it remains active.

“With newly added CLAIM feature, I can search a specific site and zero in on the exact address, measure the roof, price out the job, analyze the storm history with data and visuals, color-code it to match my internal process, setup and alerts and track all of my owner’s contact and claim information,” comments Christy Cook, COO, CClaim Consulting, LLC, Frisco, Texas. “As a consultant to property owners regarding storm claims, HailStrike is the first reporting site I turn towards to research and validate storm activity and they continue to raise the bar in providing unique features to help us run our business and give us an edge no other storm site does.”

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