Guidewire Launches Gateway Portal for Agents

The portal provides policy lifecycle transactional capabilities as well as support for task and book-of-business management in an easy-to-use portal for agents and brokers.

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Guidewire Software (Foster City, Calif.) has added Guidewire Gateway Portal for Agents to its Mobile and Portals product line within the vendor’s Digital Portfolio of products. The new portal extends the capabilities of Guidewire Insurance Suite to agents and brokers to access policyholder portfolio information and transactional data in a browser or mobile device. The portal provides policy lifecycle transactional capabilities as well as support for task and book-of-business management in an easy-to-use portal for agents and brokers, according to the vendor.

Brian Vannoni, VP, Product Marketing, Guidewire Software.

Brian Vannoni, VP, Product Marketing, Guidewire Software.

Guidewire differentiates the new portal from solutions requiring core system duplication, such as complex screen flow and logic, product definitions, and integration. Gateway Portal reuses those elements from InsuranceSuite, thereby achieving greater speed-to-market and lower total cost of ownership, as well as enabling what the vendor calls a seamless omnichannel experience for agents and brokers, the vendor claims.

The vendor describes Guidewire Mobile and Portals as a portfolio of transaction portals that allow insurers to expose Guidewire InsuranceSuite functionality online and to mobile devices. Using the portals, insurers can extend the value of their Guidewire core system investment to drive new business, increase operational efficiency, and improve customer service through digital channels, the vendor says. Each individual product has been developed to meet a targeted need (e.g. Quote and Buy), and the underlying architecture of the products has been designed to enable the following, according to Guidewire: efficient implementation; quick response to market needs; and future ready technology.

Guidewire lists benefits insurers can enjoy from Gateway Portal for Agents as follows:

  • Agent Empowerment – Satisfies the informational and transactional needs of insurance agents and brokers with intuitive, self-service design;
  • Growth – Helps to attract agent business by enabling insurers to be easier to do business with;
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Reuses complex rules, flows, and integrations defined in InsuranceSuite avoiding costly duplication, easing maintenance, and improving speed to market.

“We are excited to offer this portal designed expressly with the needs of agents and brokers in mind,” comments Brian Vannoni, VP, Product Marketing, Guidewire Software. “We recognize that their role in the business of insurance is an important one and we want to empower them through technology to ensure that they are equipped to serve their customers and deliver on the brand promise of the insurance companies with whom they work.”

Building Momentum

Guidewire reports that its Digital portfolio has continuously built momentum since its launch, with 18 customers in six countries licensing one or more of the Guidewire Mobile and Portals products, and four of those live in production. In addition to Gateway Portal for Agents, Guidewire’s Mobile and Portals product line includes the following, as described by the vendor:

Quote and Buy Portal: Reach new customers with easy access to obtain a quote, review quotes, compare quotes, and buy a policy.

Account Management Portal: Improve customer satisfaction and align more closely with policyholder goals through online policy review and modifications, policy document download, billing status viewing, and online payment.

Claim Portal: Expedite claims with easy claim reporting, coverage verification, and claim status transparency. Communicate with vendors during repairs avoiding delays and ensuring proper work authorizations.


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