Guidewire Debuts Guidewire Live Delivering Real-Time Insights Across Insurance Lifecycle

Its launch coinciding with the Dobson Cloud release, Guidewire Live is a suite analytics apps to give real-time insights embedded in core systems across the insurance lifecycle.

(Micro-BOP Solution log-in, coverage and quote screens. Source: Guidewire.)

Guidewire Software (San Mateo, Calif.) debuted Guidewire Live, a suite of analytics apps to equip insurers with real-time insights embedded in core systems across the insurance lifecycle, today at the Guidewire Connections user group and partner event at the Aria Resort and Convention Center in Las Vegas. The announcement coincides with the launch of Dobson, the latest release of Guidewire’s cloud platform,

The vendor describes Guidewire Live’s smart-loop analytics as powering the apps that provide insurers with curated intelligence from an array of high-value data sources. Live Apps are integrated with core systems and enable more accurate decision-making for claims managers, adjusters, underwriters, risk managers and actuaries, according to a Guidewire statement. The suite provides support for open-source analytical models (Bring Your Own Model), new data visualizations, integration of HazardHub property risk insights with PolicyCenter, and greater internationalization capabilities among other innovations, according to the vendor.

Roger Arnemann, General Manager, Analytics, Guidewire Software.

“Traditionally, insurers have relied upon historical data to make decisions, but in today’s quickly changing market, this is no longer enough,” comments Roger Arnemann, SVP and general manager, Analytics, Guidewire. “If insurers cannot react to what is happening now, they can’t succeed in the future. We are thrilled to introduce Guidewire Live as the industry’s first smart-loop analytics solution that enables insurers to outsmart, outpace, and outperform in a rapidly changing environment.”

Guidewire also announced new advances in the Dobson release of the Guidewire Cloud Platform (GWCP) which it says delivers more cloud agility than before and empowers developers to drive innovation. Guidewire describes the new features as follows:

Guidewire GO—a new library of over 35 pre-packaged product definitions, helping teams to launch new lines of business products rapidly.

Cloud Integration Framework—this advance reduces complexity across the insurance lifecycle with integrations that are easier to deploy and maintain with Integration Gateway, App Events and Cloud API.

(Comprehensive view of risk insights via HazardHub integration with PolicyCenter. Source: Guidewire. Click to enlarge.)

HazardHub—Now integrated with PolicyCenter, HazardHub provides risk insights for U.S. commercial property in seconds, delivering comprehensive risk data in one place.

Blue-Green deployment—A new DevOps service that empowers developers to update configuration with zero downtime, enabling business continuity.

Micro-BOP Solution—Deliver specialized experiences tailored to home-based businesses. Solutions include packaged product artifacts, configuration, and an expert team that help insurers go live with BOP coverage in as little as 12 weeks.

In its announcement of the Guidewire Life debut, the vendor notes that it was recently positioned as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic QuadrantTM for P&C Core Platforms, North America for InsuranceSuite, marking its seventh consecutive year in the report. Guidewire was also named a Challenger for the fifth consecutive time in the same report for InsuranceNow. In addition, Guidewire has been positioned as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Non-Life Insurance Platforms, Europe. This is the fourth consecutive year InsuranceSuite has been recognized in the report.

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