GuideOne Selects Betterview’s Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform

GuideOne will use the Betterview platform to prioritize and focus on the accounts that need immediate attention and target improvements in underwriting efficiency and risk management processes.

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GuideOne Insurance Company (West Des Moines, Iowa) has selected to implement the Betterview (San Francisco) Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform.

David Tobias, COO and Co-Founder, Betterview.

GuideOne, a provider of coverage for religious organizations, educational institutions, and nonprofit and human services organizations across all 50 states for over 75 years, needed a solution to increase underwriting efficiency and strengthen risk management processes for commercial properties, according to a Betterview statement. Structurally, religious organizations often have complex roofs and pose a larger threat for insurers because the buildings are vacant most of the week. This puts such organizations and facilities at a greater risk for large losses when not managed, maintained, or monitored sufficiently, the statement notes.

“GuideOne works differently than other insurers,” comments David Tobias, COO, Betterview. “We love that they pay special attention to community organizations. They are very mission-focused, using insurance to improve people’s lives and strengthen their communities. We are excited that our platform will be able to help them improve their loss ratios and cut down on expenses, freeing them to focus more on that mission.”

Ron Wheeler, Director, Commercial Property, GuideOne Insurance.

Using a combination of third-party data, computer vision models, geospatial intelligence, and proprietary machine learning tools, Betterview describes its platform as providing an accurate assessment of a property’s real risk drivers. The Betterview Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform, which includes integrated property insights, the 100-point Roof Spotlight Index, and a recently announced Defensible Space feature, also utilizes a streamlined user interface integrated rules, and a built-in flagging engine to make it easy for underwriters to take direct actions based on provided insights, preventing future losses and improving loss ratios, the vendor says.

“We’re excited to work with Betterview because this technology offers us the ability to communicate transparently regarding strategic actions for managing the risk associated with poorly maintained roofs,” says Ron Wheeler, commercial property director, GuideOne. “Our company looks forward to using the Betterview platform to prioritize and focus on the accounts that need immediate attention. Whether it’s modifying coverages to reduce exposure, writing an exclusion or even sending our policyholders a letter to inform them of a risk factor on their property, Betterview will assist us in taking strategic, actionable steps.”

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