Guardian Life Embarks on Talent Transformation with General Assembly

Guardian is beginning a two-year workforce training program with General Assembly, which will receive strategic financing from Guardian Life, Prudential Financial and Alignment Credit.

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Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (New York) has engaged training and staffing specialist General Assembly (New York) to begin training the insurer’s employees in advanced digital skills. General Assembly will facilitate training programs for Guardian employees through its Talent Pipeline as a Service model, which the vendor describes as sourcing, training, and delivering talent to enterprises to close large and persistent talent gaps.

Bob Thompson, SVP, Head of Corporate Development & Strategy, Guardian Life.

“At Guardian, we’re highly focused on the realities of the emerging world, and the impact of automation and technology on the workforce,” comments Bob Thompson, Guardian’s head of Corporate Development & Strategy. “We’re excited to partner with General Assembly as we invest in training and upskilling our workforce, and we’re proud to associate with a true market leader in the critical challenge of upskilling and retraining American workers more generally.”’

General Assembly reports that Prudential, Guardian and Alignment Credit have provided a long-term financing solution for the continued growth of the company, which sees an opportunity to supply insurers with needed skills required at a pace greater than the normal evolution of staff can achieve.

Ommeed Sathe, VP, Impact Investments, Prudential.

“Prudential recognizes that education remains among the most powerful tools for promoting upward mobility. In order to create this mobility, people need quality jobs that, in this day and age, require sophisticated technical and behavioral competencies,” comments Ommeed Sathe, VP, Impact Investments, Prudential. “Our investment in General Assembly’s programs aligns with our goals of helping to provide an increased pipeline of diverse talent for companies and alternative pathways to acquire skills at a lower cost and duration.”

“As two highly-regarded organizations, Guardian and Prudential are setting an example for the industry by investing to support training and development,” comments Jake Schwartz, CEO and co-founder, General Assembly. “The partnership with Guardian reflects their commitment to investing in talent to meet the changing demands of the digital economy. We are also excited to partner with Prudential’s Impact Investments and Alignment Credit as providers of creative, flexible and mission-aligned financing solutions.”


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