Glia and Insurity Partner to Enhance the Claims Management Process

Integrated digital communication and collaboration tools will improve the customer experience while enabling brokers and agents to conduct business more seamlessly.

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Glia (New York), the customer interaction vendor that vaunts its combination of Digital Customer Service (DCS), phone, and automated self-service on a single platform, has partnered with Insurity (Hartford), a provider of cloud-based software for insurance carriers, brokers and MGAs. Through the partnership, Insurity says it will offer Glia’s Customer Interaction Platform as part of its solution, improving the customer experience while enabling brokers and agents to conduct business more seamlessly.

Sylvester Mathis, Chief Insurance Officer, Insurity.

“At Insurity, we believe the strategic use of modern technology can strengthen customer and agent relationships while saving effort and resources for all. The digital interaction with Glia supercharges this mission,” comments Sylvester Mathis, Chief Insurance Officer at Insurity. “By unifying Glia’s digital-first technology with our insurance platform and AI capabilities, we enhance business value by reducing customer and agent servicing costs. Through a combined offering, we are helping insurance carriers and MGAs grow and succeed.”

Glia pitches its technology as transforming how insurance providers interact with customers and agents by enabling seamless experiences across all channels—including chat, voice, video, and Co-Browsing. In addition to integration with Insurity’s customer and agent-facing portals, Insurity’s AI-powered chatbot is incorporated into the Glia framework, further expediting and removing friction from the process by offering automated support, according to a joint announcement.

Steven Kaish, SVP of Alliances & Product Marketing, Glia.

Improving CX while Helping Agents Work More Conveniently and Quickly

“Insurity is a digital-first leader in the P&C insurance space who recognizes the power and value of interactions with policyholders and agents,” comments Steve Kaish, SVP of Alliances, Glia. “Together, we will not only enhance the customer experience and make self-service more effortless, but we will also help agents perform their jobs more conveniently and quickly. Glia-powered interactions drive conversions and provide a competitive differentiator.”

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