Generali Specialty Division Launches Portable Electronics Insurance in the U.S.

Generali is partnering with national retailer My Essentials to provide portable electronic insurance to its customers across the United States.

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Generali Specialty Insurance Division (New York) has announced that it will now be providing insurance policies for portable electronics through a partnership with national retailer, My Essentials (Johnstown, N.Y.). The Specialty Insurance Division will be offering the coverage on portable electronics covering several common issues including loss, theft, and malfunctions. The partnership will allow the Division to provide insurance on a wide range of portable electronics including hearing aids, mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices, and more.

José Luis Menéndez, EVP, Chief Insurance Officer, Generali US Branch.

“We are very excited to begin offering our portable electronics solution to customers throughout the United States,” comments Jose Luis Menéndez, EVP and Chief Insurance Officer, Generali US Branch. “By partnering with My Essentials, we will be able to provide users of their products with the necessary post purchase support for these sensitive electronic hearing devices. We will look to continue expanding this new offering to include other portable electronic products.”

Generali’s Specialty Division reports that it will partner with My Essentials to provide portable electronic insurance to its customers across the United States. My Essentials, one of the largest networks of dealers for hearing devices in the United States, will offer Generali’s portable electronics insurance product as a post-purchase offering for their electronic hearing devices. Generali Specialty Insurance Division’s latest offering will allow My Essentials customers to protect their hearing devices from common issues such as theft, loss of product, and product malfunctions.

Highest Level of Service Possible

“We are excited to partner with an established insurer like Generali to continue providing our customers with the highest level of service possible, even after purchase,” comments Rick Frasier, CEO, My Essentials. “We look forward to working with Generali’s Specialty Insurance Division to provide our customers with everything they need to protect their investment in their hearing.”

The partnership between Generali Specialty Insurance Division and My Essentials was arranged by Jesse Wilson of Frost Brown Todd LLC (Louisville, Ky.).

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