Generali Group Partners with Microsoft on Digital Business Transformation

The partnership will focus on digital workplace, customer-centric new business and a connected insurance business platform.

(Stock market in Trieste, Italy, site of Generali’ Group headquarters. Photo credit: Marco Almbauer.)
The Generali Group (Trieste) has undertaken a Business Digital Transformation partnership with Microsoft (Redmond, Wash.) aimed at enhancing the company’s employees’, agents’ and partners’ efficiency, improving operational processes and increasing revenue through new insurance products and innovative business models.)

Bruce Hodges, Group CIO and Digital Officer, Generali Group.

Bruce Hodges, Group CIO and Digital Officer, Generali Group.

“The insurance sector is going through a strong digital innovation process,”comments Valter Trevisani, Group Chief Insurance Officer, Generali. This partnership with Microsoft will strengthen our digital innovation capabilities, allowing us to better focus on customer centricity and to develop new business products.”

Generali Group reports that the partnership with Microsoft will focus on three major objectives, as described by the company below:

Digital workplace: identify an innovative state of the art platform to allow a consistent workplace experience for all employees, using the most advanced services available for collaboration and communications. This partnership will boost the “Generali New way of Working”, a flexible and open platform to reach operational excellence both in back office activities as in front end sales operations.

Customer-centric new business: leverage on Microsoft’s capabilities to analyze social activities to better engage with Generali’s prospect customers with timely tailor made offers, create new effective and efficient communication channels to improve customer experiences, create innovative insurance products building Blockchain Smart Contracts and exploiting Cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

Connected insurance business platform: create an ecosystem digital business platform where third parties’ operators could interact with Generali in order to provide a value-added service to customers in the Connected Insurance area.

Bruce Hodges, Group CIO and Digital Officer, Generali Group, couches the partnership with Microsoft within an imperative for all insurance industry players to focus on digital innovation. “We do believe this partnership will be a turning point in our distribution experience, enhancing operational excellence and products innovation and providing employees with a consistent workplace experience,” Hodges comments.

Generali has endeavored to stake out a leading position in the insurance sector Europe, with a specific focus on telematics and Internet of Things. The company’s investments in that strategy have included the acquisition of MyDrive Solutions and the partnerships with major players such as Discovery Insurance, Progressive and Renault-Nissan and international venture capital funds.

For its part, Microsoft has cast itself the role of being the provider of the worldwide leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world. The company says it is dedicated to helping to lead a profound digital transformation for its customers worldwide, infusing intelligence across all of their platforms and experiences.

First Step in Strategic Collaboration

“At Microsoft our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more,” comments Carlo Purassanta, CEO, Microsoft Italy. “This partnership with Generali is the right path and the first step in a broad strategic collaboration between Microsoft and Generali, that will allow Generali to reimagine and transform its customer engagement, employee experience, business model and operations.”

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