GAINSCO Auto Insurance Drives Digital Transformation with Duck Creek in the Cloud

The insurer cites scalability and efficiency as key factors in the decision to replace its on-premise policy and billing systems with Duck Creek Policy and Billing via the Duck Creek on Demand SaaS implementation option.

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GAINSCO Auto Insurance, a Dallas-based provider of non-standard auto insurance products specializing in minimum-limits personal auto insurance, will replace its on-premises policy and billing systems with Duck Creek Policy and Duck Creek Billing via the Boston-based vendor’s Duck Creek OnDemand SaaS implementation option. GAINSCO cites scalability and efficiency as key factors in the decision to replace its existing legacy policy and billing systems, which were preventing the carrier from growing at the rate its business trajectory demands, according to a vendor statement.

Deb Smallwood, Founder, SMA.

“Our industry has made significant strides in embracing SaaS solutions for policy, billing, and claims systems, and it is exciting to see the Duck Creek OnDemand solution gain traction and momentum with great success,” comments Deb Smallwood, founder and CEO of Strategy Meets Action (Boston). “And for insurers, with the long list of various technology initiatives and investments on their plates, having ongoing maintenance and upgrades off their plates allows them to focus on strategic initiatives—the true competitive differentiation.”

GAINSCO’s commitment to digital transformation ultimately led the company to Duck Creek, according to Phil West, SVP & CIO, GAINSCO. “Our focus is on best-of-breed solutions for our core applications, solutions that give us a strong foundation for future initiatives without the need for complex IT projects,” West comments. “The Duck Creek Anywhere API gives us the ability to more easily integrate with other market-leading solutions or to leverage our own custom solutions. We expect the Duck Creek SaaS offering to give both operational and cost efficiencies, allowing us to quickly get to market with innovative products and features.”

Karlyn Carnahan, Head, The Americas, Property Casualty, Celent.

“More and more carriers recognize the value of moving core systems into the cloud,” comments Karlyn Carnahan, head of property casualty business for the Americas, Celent (Boston). “In a fast-paced world, utilization of a cloud platform is becoming the foundation for deriving speed to value.”

GAINSCO plans to further enhance its customer experiences with billing, expand to new states, and introduce and update its innovative products with industry-leading speed, Duck Creek reports. The carrier has also licensed Data Hub, a component of Duck Creek Insights, to get more actionable data from its policy and billing systems as part of its overall strategy to make more data-driven decisions.

Strong Focus on Customer-Centricity

“We are very happy that GAINSCO has chosen Duck Creek Policy, Billing, Insights, and our OnDemand solution to support its business,” comments Jeff Wargin, VP of Product Management, Duck Creek Technologies. “GAINSCO’s growth has been driven by a strong focus on customer-centricity, so this was a great choice for them as they look to continued success in the future. And Duck Creek OnDemand provides a complete solution that takes the responsibilities of maintenance, hosting, and upgrades off of carriers’ hands, so GAINSCO will be able to focus on innovation rather than burdensome IT work.”

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