Archived Webcast: From Tactical Flexibility to Strategic Agility: Core Systems as Insurance-as-a-Service

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The maturity of modern insurance core systems has begun to provide revolutionary options for insurers in all lines of business across life & annuities and property/casualty. System investment choices are shifting from the tactical advantages of configuration vs hard-coding to the options that provide strategic agility. Carriers must now ask what is the proper mix of on-premise solutions vs cloud-based, as-a-service technology. But where to start? How do you justify large upfront costs? Can your IT support a full transformation? Are implementation timelines aligned to business needs? How do make the business case to secure funding.

In this one-hour recorded webcast, produced by Insurance Innovation Reporter and sponsored by OneShield, we explore the various models available to insurers from core software installs, cloud deployments, to business process as a service offerings. Learn through a case study example how one insurer quickly transformed a highly manual, paper-based business to a completely automated operation complete with customer and partner management, efficient and fault-tolerant cloud-based document management and robust report capabilities with enhanced security and integration with external systems.  These insights will help you assess your next move to achieving operational efficiencies in today’s insurance world.

Our discussion explores the following topics:

  • Achieving business process efficiencies through As-a-Service based offerings
  • Establishing flexibility for future growth and scalability of operations
  • Identifying the commoditized operations of your business vs what keeps you ahead of your competition
  • Realizing the value in empowering smart and timely business decisions vs recoupment of technology costs

Archived Webcast