FRISS Launches Claims Analytics Accelerator for Guidewire Cloud

The new Accelerator integrates with Guidewire’s claims system to allow insurers to apply the proper scrutiny to claims instantaneously without undermining customer loyalty.

(Image source: Screenshot of ClaimCenter FRISS Accelerator page in Guidewire Marketplace.)

FRISS (Utrecht, Netherlands), a provider of trust automation solutions for property/casualty insurers and Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partner, has announced the launch of the FRISS Accelerator for Claims Analytics for ClaimCenter Cloud. FRISS reports that the new accelerator for the Guidewire (San Mateo, Calif.) claims system leverages the latest capabilities of the Guidewire Cloud Integration Framework, and is now available in the Guidewire Marketplace to ClaimCenter users on Guidewire Cloud.

Bas de Graaf, Global Partner Manager, FRISS.

FRISS’s concept of trust automation addresses the success factor of customer loyalty for insurance carriers. Trust is of vital importance, a vendor statement notes, but insurers cannot simply underwrite every policy and pay every claim—at least not right away. Insurers have to execute the appropriate research, but they have to do it instantaneously. FRISS says its new Accelerator for Claims Analytics for ClaimCenter Cloud is built to automate and support this challenge.

FRISS reports that the Accelerator works in real time, using a wide variety of powerful AI techniques, internal and third-party data, network analytics, and risk and fraud indicators to consistently analyze claims. It promptly flags suspicious claims and allows for trustworthy claims to go on a fast track, all directly within ClaimCenter, the vendor says.

The Accelerator is seamlessly integrated and displays fraud and risk screenings at multiple predefined stages as well as further configurable stages of a claim’s workflow within ClaimCenter, FRISS says. The predefined stages are when:

  • The FNOL enters ClaimCenter;
  • A change occurs in a claim or its related details;
  • Additional data is added to the claim;
  • An exposure is created, closed, or re-opened; and
  • On-demand at any moment desired by the adjuster.

    Will Murphy, VP, Global Solution Alliances, Guidewire.

“Congratulations to FRISS on the release of their newest integration for Guidewire Cloud,” comments Will Murphy, VP, Global Solution Alliances, Guidewire. “FRISS’s Accelerator for Claims Analytics for ClaimCenter Cloud brings FRISS capabilities and insights directly into ClaimCenter, improving the adjuster and customer experience.”

“Knowing you can trust the data presented when handling a claim, keeps insurers in control of their processes,” says Bas de Graaf, Partner Manager at FRISS. “With all the data available today, insurers need to rely on technology to make their work easier and more productive. FRISS’ seamless integrations into PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter support the end-to-end policy lifecycle. The new accelerator is a next step that specifically helps claims adjusters reduce claim leakage and improves the customer experience. This enables insurers to focus on delivering fast and reliable services.”

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