Florida’s Orange County Selects PCIS ClaimsVISION RMIS

The government cites ease of use, rapid implementation, and the vendor’s experience in the self-insured market as factors in choosing the system.

Orange County, Florida has selected PCIS’ (New York) ClaimsVISION for the system’s risk management information system (RMIS) platform to support its workers’ compensation, general liability, property, and auto lines of business.

Orange County, which includes Orlando, is one of the most populous counties in Florida, has over 1.2 million residents in thirteen cities and towns and is a destination for more than 68 million tourists annually. Orange County risk management will use ClaimsVISION’s proprietary third-party administrator (TPA) management toolset and intelligent data analytics to ease oversight and collaboration between The County’s risk management team and its TPA effortless.

PCIS reports that it was selected in part due to the company’s expertise in rapid implementations, including complete data migrations, and its ability to support and advise as the County undergoes a simultaneous TPA transfer and RMIS replacement. The County was also impressed with PCIS’ experience in the self-insured market, specifically with complex public entities, according to the vendor.

“We were especially impressed with ClaimsVISION’s intuitive user interface,” comments John Petrelli, director of risk management, Orange County. “With no demo or instruction, my team and I logged on and saw for ourselves that the system is easy to use and handles all of our needs.”

Key benefits that Orange County will enjoy from ClaimsVISION include the following, according to the vendor:

  • A TPA management toolset consisting of various features, workflows, approval processes, and reports which use a real-time data exchange and consolidation of The County’s TPA data;
  • ClaimsVISION advanced analytics module featuring the Microsoft Power BI data visualization software for ad hoc dashboarding and native language search.

“With this latest win, ClaimsVISION has solidified its position as one of the fastest growing RMIS platforms in Florida,” comments Georgette Loizou, executive VP, PCIS. “The implementation methodology we exercise allows us to deliver ClaimsVISION in weeks versus months, and convert from legacy systems with ease. Most interesting, ClaimsVISION will give The County control to oversee their TPA at a high level or as granular as needed on a claim by claim basis, while simultaneously updating data in both ClaimsVISION and the TPA’s system.”

TPA Vision Risk Services Selects PCIS ClaimsVISION 

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