FLIP Program Adds Workers’ Comp, Employer’s Liability Coverage

Veracity Insurance’s Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) adds full protection for small business owners working in the food service industry.

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Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP), a national insurance program designed for small to mid-sized operators in the food industry, has announced the addition of worker’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance coverage to its insurance product portfolio. With these additions to its offerings, FLIP says it aims to fill crucial gaps for its current and future customers by creating a one-stop shop for often complicated business and employee coverage needs. 

“In the complicated environment our food vendor customers operate in, workers’ compensation insurance is historically difficult to navigate,” comments Daryle Stafford, CEO, Veracity Insurance (Pleasant Grove, Utah), a national E&S wholesale brokerage and MGA, and the parent company to FLIP. “We’ve listened to the concerns and specific needs of our customers, taken the time to tailor this offering to their needs and take pride in being able to support them and their valued employees with this addition to our services. We are dedicated to providing services that contribute to our customers’ success and streamline their operations.”

Daryle Stafford, CEO, Veracity Insurance.

FLIP’s workers’ compensation insurance is designed to serve the unique needs of food industry operators and provides comprehensive coverage, ensuring businesses and the employees that keep them running are taken care of in the event of workplace injuries. This includes, but is not limited to, businesses operating food trucks and trailers where employees are constantly on the move as well as home-based bakers and caterers who may have employees assisting with food preparation and delivery. 

The need for workers’ compensation insurance extends beyond legal requirements, a Veracity statement stresses. While many states mandate its purchase for businesses that exceed a designated number of employees, accidents can happen in any workplace, no matter how stringent safety procedures are. From slip-and-fall accidents in a kitchen to severe burns or muscle strains, unexpected incidents can disrupt operations and pose financial challenges, the statement continues. FLIP’s new coverage seeks to reduce the stress these types of accidents can place on a business. The new addition of worker’s compensation insurance complements FLIP’s employer’s liability coverage, which covers expenses for which a business may be held liable, but are not covered by workers’ compensation laws, such as legal fees if an injured employee decides to file a lawsuit. The company characterizes the coverage as an indispensable shield for a business, ensuring that both the employees and the company are protected in case of workplace accidents.

One-Stop Shop: Simplified Coverage

Through FLIP, food vendor businesses are able to relieve stress around complicated insurance policies by bundling their workers’ compensation insurance with general liability policy under one trusted insurance provider catered to their needs, Veracity asserts. The insurer says the streamlined approach saves business owners and operators valuable time while their coverage is seamlessly integrated. When small business owners choose FLIP for their workers’’ compensation insurance needs, they gain access to a host of benefits that make protecting their business easier and more efficient, the Veracity statement adds.

Effortless Check Out

Veracity says its approach to distributing FLIP products incorporates an understanding of the importance of convenience for business owners and operators doing it all. With FLIP, the company says, users can enjoy a hassle-free online checkout process that eliminates the need to speak with an agent in order to add workers’ compensation to their policy. Veracity says the user-friendly interface makes it easy for businesses to protect themselves from potentially disastrous claims and placescontrol back in their hands. 

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