Five Stars Awards—Focus on Emerging Technology: Juan Carlos Samayoa, CHN (Central America & Caribbean)

Samayoa’s initiatives have supported four strategic objectives: centralized operations, expanded product set and field branches; improved customer service; and increased profitability.

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Juan Carlos Samayoa Cerna, CIO of Crédito Hipotecario Nacional de Guatemala (CHN, Guatemala City), keeps a clear and constant focus on the use of emerging technology to improve processes, improve user experience, drive the efficiencies of automation, enable electronic consumption of information at all managerial levels, and maintain the highest standards of information security. His initiatives have supported four main strategic objectives: centralized control of operations, ability to expand the product set and field branches; improved customer service; and increased profitability.

Juan Carlos Samayoa Cerna, CIO, Banco y Seguros CHN.

“Today we have the ability to be more versatile with respect to the competition in terms of implementing market strategies and new products—and we have achieved a greater presence in the market,” Samayoa comments.

Among Samayoa’s most important achievements are the successful implementation of core insurance and banking core systems. Among the challenges he faced during the initiative was the need to integrate all insurance and surety bonds capabilities within a single system. CHN selected SISTRAN’s (Buenos Aires) SYSE Software, implementing policy issuance, claims, billing, accounting, customers, reinsurance, and modules for complying with Guatemalan regulations. The project also involved integration with the central banking systems such as loans and cash, as well as anti-money laundering prevention systems and business intelligence. The products implemented were Vida, Vida Universal, Vehículos and Incedio and allied lines.

The implementation resulted in full integration of insurance operations, expansion of capabilities to all field branches, and the opportunity to introduce new products such as medical expenses and secure banking, and increasing customer satisfaction for claims from 25 to 70 percent. Other results enabled by new core technology include:

  • Increased corporate profits by 20 percent;
  • Surpassing the goal of insurance placement by 20 percent; and
  • Placing first nationally in the issuance of surety bonds.

“Technology represents an opportunity for the company to grow its product portfolio and achieve a better market position,” Samayoa comments. “With today’s technology, we can implement a new way of doing business, taking advantage of electronic channels that eliminate borders and make buying insurance easier.”

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