Five Stars Awards Finalists: Mexico

Through the Five Stars Awards, IIR and Celent recognize outstanding insurance IT leadership in five regions of Latin America: Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, the Andes, Brazil and the Southern Cone of South America.

(Santuario de la Virgen de los Remedios, San Pedro Cholula, Mexico. Image credit: Pedro Lastra/Unsplash.)

Miguel Porfirio Camacho Valerdi, CIO, La Latinoamericana Seguros

Miguel Camacho, CIO, La Latinoamericana Seguros.

Miguel Camacho was at the helm of the digital transformation program at La Latinoamericana Seguros, one of Mexico’s oldest insurers, founded in Mexico City in 1906. The initiative consisted of orchestrating a digital ecosystem to put the customer at the center, utilizing a microservices architecture with elevated standards of personal data protection and cyber security. Run with scrum methodology, the initiative was launched in early 2020 with a digital process for auto claims aiming to improve service and optimize the involvement of required personnel. The second stage of the initiative, ending in November 2020, added further self-service for auto glass repair and inspections. A third stage, undertaken during the first quarter of 2021, involving online payments and claims integration with AMIS, using artificial intelligence. Among the results of the initiative were a move to 100 paperless processes; speeding authorization and follow-up processes by 80 percent, resulting in expedited claim payments within 24 hours; and an 80 percent increase in payments between companies.

Salvador Gerardo Alonso y Caloca, General Manager, Seguros Banorte

Salvador Gerardo Alonso y Caloca, General Manager, Seguros Banorte.

Salvador Alonso is a veteran of transformation programs in both public and private institutions who has applied technology to business innovation for over 30 years, culminating in his work at Seguros Banorte (Mexico City). Among his achievements are the design of the embedded insurance model for bank assurance and an anti-fraud model with predictive analytics and an as-a-service consumption model. He has led the creation of a national retirement savings system, a social security collection system, and AI models for auto insurance and fraud detection. His innovative contributions have substantially improved the efficiency of business processes, reduced costs, boosted sales volume and increased profitability.

Francisco Campos, Head of Insurance Systems, Seguros BX+

An 18-year insurance veteran with extensive experience in global transformation projects at transnational companies, Francisco Campos is responsible for technology transformation at Seguros BX+ (Monterrey). The transformation initiative includes the adoption of cloud models and web applications, enabling scalability and connectivity at a lower total cost of ownership than that associated with traditional applications. Campos has undertaken major systems projects across industries, including migration of SAP at Clorox, and the integration of supply chain and distribution for DuPont for the Latin America region. He has also undertaken the migration of insurance core systems from mainframe to web-based and cloud technologies. Campos’ goals at Seguros BX+ include the optimization of operating costs, transformation of internal and external user experience, and impact on the company’s bottom line.

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