Fino Services selects Input 1 Payments

The Texas-based agency’s selection criteria included seamlessly integrating with its existing processes and providing customers with a secure and user-friendly payment experience.

(Image source: Fino Services homepage.)

Fino Services, a Katy, Texas-based insurance agency has selected  Input 1 Payments (Woodland Hills, Calif.), to significantly enhance the company’s agent and customer relationships and its business services.

Chris Farfaras, EVP, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Input 1.

The firm’s criteria included having a payments solution that would seamlessly integrate with its existing processes and have the ability to provide customers with a secure and user-friendly payment experience.

“Providing an exceptional customer experience is very important to us. We wanted to work with a payment provider that would make it painless for our customers to safely make their premium payments on time, while also being simple for us to reconcile on the back end,” comments Oscar Rodriguez, CEO, Fino Services. “We decided to switch to Input 1 Payments because their platform exceeded all our needs, and frankly, their no-cost program is amazing.”

Payment Simplicity

“We are elated that Fino Services will be using Input 1 Payments to provide its customers with the best possible payment experience,” comments Chris Farfaras, EVP, Input 1. “Input 1 Payments is changing the landscape for agents, general agents, and carriers who seek payment simplicity, combined with an unmatched pricing model. Our clients have zero transaction fees, no setup fees, and no monthly maintenance costs to worry about.

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  1. credit card bill was from INPUT-1 when paying FINO services. Had no idea what that charge was. I called INPUT-1 services to get an answer. Phone rang but nobody picked up. I found this website and it all came together that I had paid FINO Insurance. May I suggest that you add the name of the client after the INPUT-1 name to help identify what we were paying. thanks. alex

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