Fidelidade Builds Customer Data Hub with DXC to Transform CX

The new data management solution manages almost one billion data records and provides more personalized service for over two million customers.

(Image source: DXC Technology.)

Fidelidade (Lisbon), a Portuguese provider of life and non-life insurance, has partnered with DXC Technology (Ashburn, Va.) to implement a new Customer Data Hub to manage almost one billion records and enable more personalized services for Fidelidade’s 2.3 million customers.

António Dias, Enterprise Architect, Fidelidade.

Fidelidade has 100-year history in the Portuguese insurance market, providing policies across a variety of industries including automotive and health. To provide an improved digital experience for its customers, Fidelidade has implemented a new Customer Data Hub. By moving 980 million customer records to a centralized database running on Qlik Replicate Technology and the Mongo Database, Fidelidade now has rapid access to real-time information, enabling it respond to customer requests faster, and become more agile in the market, according to a statement from Fidelidade and DXC.

Processing up to 250,000 daily interactions from 1.2 million mobile users of Fidelidade’s app and website, DXC reports that it has also implemented data analytics to enhance and personalize policy choices for customers.

Manuel Maria Correia, General Manager, DXC Technology, Portugal.

“Our new Customer Data Hub has improved experiences for our customers, intermediaries and employees,” comments António Dias, Enterprise Architect, Fidelidade. “As we extend our customer base across different countries and regions, it is important we have the right technology in place to manage our business effectively.”

More Agile and Customer-Centric

“The insurance industry is going through massive transformation, rapidly adopting digital technologies to make it more agile and customer-centric,” comments Manuel Maria Correia, General Manager, DXC Technology, Portugal. “As a leading global provider of solutions for the insurance industry, DXC has an important role to play. We’re delighted to be partnering with such an important player in the Portuguese insurance market on their digital journey.”

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