Enservio Offers Online Inventory Tools Free to Assist with Hurricane Recovery and Claims Efforts

The HarveyContents.com and IrmaContents.com contents inventory creation tools assist citizens inventorying their lost or damaged personal property.

(Hurricane Harvey off the Texas Coast. Source: NOAA.)

Enservio, Inc., a Needham, Mass.-based provider of contents claim management software, inventory and valuation services and payments solutions for property insurers owned by Solera (Westlake, Texas), has made available HarveyContents.com and IrmaContents.com., free contents inventory creation tools to assist citizens with the difficult task of inventorying their lost or damaged personal property.

Image source: Enservio. Click to enlarge.

“One of the most daunting tasks for citizens in the aftermath of a catastrophe like Harvey is the documentation process for all of their lost possessions, an important requirement for them to file a claim with their insurance company or get a tax write-off for uncovered losses,” comments Robert Chase, Managing Director, Enservio. “Together with our parent company, Solera, we are making HarveyContents.com available at no charge to all citizens, insurance carrier personnel and government entities to create contents inventories and expedite the process of getting their possessions back as quickly as possible.”

Enservio describes HarveyContents.com as a self-service inventory solution that allows users to document lost possessions and generate a contents proof of loss document that can be used to support an  insurance claim. The web-based app is powered by Enservio’s SaaS contents platform and offers features such as intelligent autocomplete typing, receipt and image uploading.

Available to Everyone Affected by the Hurricanes

“HarveyContents.com is available to literally any citizen affected by Harvey,” adds Chase. “From renters and homeowners to small and large businesses and government flood insurance efforts, anyone needing to document lost possessions will be able to do it quickly and easily at HarveyContents.com.” [Editor’s Note: Enservio released IrmaContents.com after initial drafting of this article.]

In addition to Enservio’s web offering, the company reports that it has deployed onsite contents specialists to Port Aransas, Rockport, Houston and other affected communities to help adjusters and insurance carriers service their policyholders with comprehensive inventory and valuation of lost contents, expediting cycle times and providing much needed support during these difficult times.

Solera to Aquire Property Contents Software and Services Player Enservio

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