Elafris Adds Alexa Voice to its Omnichannel AI Service Offering

Elafris Alexa enables insurers to serve policyholders seamlessly between Facebook Messenger, text, and via any Alexa enabled device.

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Elafris (San Francisco), supplier of an artificial intelligence-powered virtual agent platform for the Insurance industry, has integrated Amazon Alexa with its omnichannel service offering. The addition of Elafris Alexa enables insurers to serve policyholders seamlessly between Facebook Messenger, text, and via any Alexa enabled device, according to a vendor statement.

Jake Diner, CEO, Elafris.

“Policyholders are impatient with poorly synchronized service delivery across communication channels and often give up in frustration,” comments Jake Diner, Elafris CEO. “The Elafris AI core is specifically designed to solve this pain point. As the common AI engine, it integrates and adapts to the current and future communications platforms, delivering a uniform customer experience, and allowing insurers to make a long-term investment in the AI core that integrates with whatever comes next.”

Elafris illustrates the utility of Elafris Alexa with the example of an insurance claim: A policyholder meets with an adjuster in the morning and later submits any additional claim documents or photos via Facebook Messenger, while on a break from watching their child’s soccer game. While preparing dinner, the policyholder asks, “Alexa, what’s the status of my claim.” Within seconds the policyholder receives a reply from the Elafris AI agent saying, “Your claim is being processed; we’ll let you know if you need to do anything else.”

Consistent Support with Continuity Between Devices

“The policyholder experiences consistent support with continuity between devices—she can pick up where she left off, in the middle of the night, weeks later and on a different device,” the Elafris statement continues. “The touchstone of your best service to customers is intelligent conversation and timely, correct information. Elafris understands this and created its conversation/context AI with rich omnichannel communication abilities. These abilities are adaptable to any platform you choose.”

Elafris reports the following characteristics for its conversation/context AI engine:

  • comprehensive natural language volumes
  • domain specific
  • general conversational
  • seamless multiple-channel user experience
  • proprietary AI, with matured self-learning capabilities
  • low-investment adaptability for current and future communication channels

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