EIS Launches Managed SaaS Service for Carriers Transitioning to AWS or Azure

CloudCore customer production support de-risks and accelerates a carrier’s journey to the cloud.

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EIS (San Francisco) a global core technology and digital insurance platform provider, has announced the launch of a customer production support offering for its CloudCore product, a fully-managed SaaS service designed to accelerate insurers’ journey to the cloud. The offering is based on a cloud agnostic service, cost predictability and continuous integration and development (CI/CD), according to a vendor statement. EIS says it will manage the insurer’s entire platform while delivering the highest level of security, functionality, and scalability.

EIS says that taking advantage of its SaaS offering allows a fully customizable managed environment tailored to an insurer’s specific needs with abundant, always-available resources, ensuring uninterrupted scale and service, all within a super-secure environment.

Stephen O’Connor, General Manager, CloudCore Business and EVP, EIS.

“When we looked at the market, it was clear there wasn’t a SaaS offering that would sufficiently support large-scale insurers,” comments Stephen O’Connor, General Manager, CloudCore Business and EVP, EIS. “Providing significant scale and support, our proposition of operating on-premises, on AWS or on Azure enables single and multi-line insurers to transform their business at pace, minimize risk, and significantly increase their market competitiveness.”

The core elements of the service support the seamless integration of new features and system upgrades, ongoing compliance, and the rapid development and delivery of new products and services at a predictable cost, according to the EIS statement. They include quarterly automated service and feature updates, hosting, and built-in compliance that can be tailored to the customer’s specific risk profile.

Operational Stability and Speed-to-Change

“By ensuring continuous innovation through automated updates and upgrades, we provide insurers with the two things they need most: rock-solid operational stability and speed-to-change. Both are hardwired into our CloudCore service and system,” O’Connor adds.

Insurers can choose from several support options, from low-touch to full service. The vendor says that everyone who EIS runs production SaaS will be assigned a named managing director who is responsible for the perfect running of the platform daily. This includes implementing their cloud infrastructure, addressing raised tickets, aiding application development, and optimizing the digital platform for Microsoft Azure and AWS, according to EIS.

“With the cost of failure in the tens of millions, insurers cannot afford their transformation projects to fail,” O’Connor says. ”With EIS, insurers now have the three critical pillars they need for success. A world-class digital insurance solution, a professional services organization that has a playbook that, when followed, guarantees success, and a team that will operate the platform for you.”

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