EIS Coretalk: Debunking the Myths of Low-Code/No-Code Technology

Ed Halsey and his guests as they chat about the reality of low-code/no-code technology and what to look for in a good solution.

(CoreTalk host Ed Halsay in a Screenshot from Episode 1. Source: EIS.)

Truth of Myth? Anybody can use low-code technology to design really cool insurance products. In this episode, host Ed Halsey of Evermore Digital and EIS guests Fazi Zand, Samantha Chow and Tony Grosso discuss how low-code tools bridge the gap between business and IT. Click this link to watch the full episode and learn why even the best low-code technology has its limitations, what low-code is good for, and how to set up for a good low code environment.

What you’ll learn:

  • Does “no-code” exist or is it just marketing hype?
  • Reality check: Low-code is a “do everything” tool
  • What to look for in a good low-code solution
  • How to set up for an awesome low-code environment

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