Earnix Version 8 Introduces R Integration and Machine Learning Capabilities

The new version of the analytics solution includes features designed to enable insurers to make faster analytical decisions and immediately operationalize them online .

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Earnix (Tel Aviv), a provider of integrated customer analytics solutions, has released Earnix version 8. The vendor touts the new version of the financial services solution as delivering a new level of sophistication in modeling and decision analytics with the ability to directly operationalize these decisions online.

David Schapiro, CEO, Earnix.

David Schapiro, CEO, Earnix.

Earnix V8 integrates models built in the R and Python statistical environments into the Earnix optimization framework. This new capability enriches the Earnix decision making environment with advanced machine learning algorithms and mathematical tools.

The new version introduces what Earnix calls a state-of-the-art graphical user interface, designed to improve the user’s concentration while reducing cognitive fatigue over long periods of time. The new interface also allows for better management, access and organization of a large number of models.

Additional new features of V8 include significant improvements to modeling and decision optimization, Earnix reports, such as:

Model documentation: All statistical models can be reported at a click of a button for peer and managerial review as well as for governance and archiving. The model reports can be configured to any level of detail required.

Project sharing: Any model or analytical object can be developed and managed independently and then seamlessly shared across the organization. This allows different teams to collaborate and easily maintain predictive analytics work in a shared workspace.

Online scoring and pricing: Operationalizing decisions within the Earnix real-time environment is enabled through a governed process including testing, managerial approvals, alerts, configured business logic and scheduled deployment. The version introduces faster and more granular updates of the released operational models.

“Earnix V8 represents an important step in integrating our platform with open-source modeling software, leveraging machine learning algorithms for more informed decisions,” comments David Schapiro, CEO, Earnix. “This version also significantly enhances a business executive’s analytical independence, putting them in the driver’s seat to predict decision outcomes with accuracy and clarity.”

Earnix V8 is immediately available, while some features described above will be available in sequential minor versions, the vendor notes.

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