DynaRisk Introduces Intelligence Data Lake to Transform Cyber Risk Management

The Intelligence Data Lake enhances the accuracy of data breach predictions, identifies more cyber risks on more customers and speeds up response time.

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DynaRisk (London), a provider of cyber risk management solutions, has announced the launch of its Cyber Intelligence Data Lake. A company statement asserts that this major feature upgrade propels its capabilities in preventing and predicting hacker activity to unprecedented levels.

DynaRisk characterizes its Cyber Intelligence Data Lake as a leap forward in cyber risk management, offering next-generation intelligence quickly and at scale. The vendor reports that the Data Lake contains vast amounts of recovered data stolen by Infostealer malware. DynaRisk reports that it has intelligence on 6 million hacked devices, 20 million stolen credentials, 30 million stolen emails and 11 billion stolen website cookies.

Andrew Martin, CEO, DynaRisk.

Infostealers, which played a pivotal role in high-profile cyber incidents such as the MGM attack, refers to types of malware engineered to extract sensitive information such as clear text passwords, website cookies, credit cards, crypto wallets, documents and other data from hacked PCs and phones, often covering their tracks to avoid detection. By stealing website cookies, Infostealers give hackers the ability to bypass two-step or multi-factor authentication technologies.

DynaRisk reports that the Cyber Intelligence Data Lake is due to merge into the vendor’s flagship products, Cyber Xpert, Breach Defence, and Breach Check. Following that event, DynaRisk says its clients will be able to benefit from enhanced cyber attack prediction and prevention capabilities, elevating the standard of digital protection that the company can offer their partners and users.

Unparalleled Insight into the Risk of Cyber Attacks

DynaRisk says its partners can anticipate a range of advantages with this feature launch, which will begin rolling out this month. The vendor says the Intelligence Data Lake enhances the accuracy of data breach predictions, identifies more cyber risks on more customers and speeds up response time. These capabilities enable partners to add even more value to their customers, program members or policyholders to keep them safe against threats like Business Email Compromise and Ransomware.

“The launch of our Cyber Intelligence Data Lake marks a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and excellence in cyber risk management,” comments Andrew Martin, CEO, DynaRisk. “With this advanced capability, we are able to give unparalleled insight into the risk of cyber attacks facing consumers and businesses alike. Our clients are seeing significantly higher gross written premium growth, improved loss ratios alongside huge improvements in customer engagement and quote to buy ratios.”

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