Dutch Health Insurer Menzis Builds Next-Gen Loyalty Platform with dacadoo

Building on the success of the Menzis SamenGezond platform, the insurer sought dacadoo’s real-time data analytics and gamification expertise to relaunch the interface for members and non-members.

(Menzis’ offices in Groningen. Photo credit: Wutsje.)

Menzis (Groningen), the Netherlands’ fourth largest health insurer, with 2.1 million members, has engaged digital engagement solutions vendor dacadoo (Zurich) to develop the second generation of the Menzis SamenGezond (“healthy together”) member loyalty platform (Dutch-language promotional video linked below).

Peter Ohnemus, CEO, dacadoo.

In 2012 Menzis launched the SamenGezond, allowing members to track selected health activities. Currently over 750,000 members use the platform. To build on the platform’s initial success, Menzis decided to create a more comprehensive digital health experience for its members, selecting dacadoo to develop the next generation version, available to both members and non-members. The insurer selected dacadoo as its development partner because of the vendor’s substantial experience in building digital health platforms, for dacadoo’s solid foundation in medical and scientific research, and because of dacadoo’s holistic approach to health and well-being, which is based on an individual’s lifestyle, body and mind, according to a vendor statement.

Engaging and Empowering People

“We’re very excited and proud to partner with Menzis,” comments Peter Ohnemus, founder and CEO, dacadoo. “Both our companies have a very similar vision and strategy on how to empower and engage people in their health and wellbeing, and we very much look forward to jointly promoting the use of digital health platforms in the Netherlands.”

To encourage users to remain active and healthy, dacadoo’s health engagement platform applies motivational techniques from online games, collaborative features from social networks, A.I.- and rule-based automatic feedback along with the patented dacadoo Health Score to better understand and improve their health. Available in 11 languages, dacadoo’s technology is provided as a fully branded, white-label solution to health and life insurance companies, health & wellness service organizations as well as large and mid-size employers for health promotion in the workplace.

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