Duck Creek Partners with WPS and InsurTechnix

The partnership makes WPS and InsurTechnix’s their Jointly-Developed Cyban Solution Available to General Insurers in the U.K.

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Duck Creek Technologies (Boston) has expanded its Partner Ecosystem program through new relationships with World Programming (Romsey, U.K.), the developers of WPS Analytics software, and InsurTechnix (Cambridge, U.K.), and is now offering an accelerator based on the organizations’ jointly-developed Cyban solution on the Duck Creek Content Exchange. Duck Creek describes Cyban as a simple, cost-effective cyber risk platform that continuously determines the real-time value at risk for both policyholders and their insurers’ portfolios. Device-level data is captured in a dashboard that shows risk scores, alerts, and recommendations as risk levels or exposure change.

Elizabeth Del Ferro, VP, Partner GTM, Duck Creek Technologies.

Cyban integrates with Duck Creek’s existing Cyber Liability product. The solution includes what the vendor characterizes as a lightweight, downloadable software sensor that collects and measures data-at-risk on devices in near-real-time and provides insights, alerts, and recommendations for reducing a business’s cyber risk exposure. Like telematics for auto insurance, these cyber insights are used to assess the true value of cyber premiums on an ongoing basis. Cyban also assists in forensic analysis should an attack happen and a claim be registered. Continual monitoring allows insurers to maintain healthy portfolios of cyber policies.

Value-Add for Insurers

“Cyber security represents a growing threat to businesses of all sizes, and as the nature of cyber threat increases in scope and complexity, it is critical that insurers employ the most sophisticated tools possible to mitigate potential losses,” comments Elizabeth Del Ferro, VP, Partner GTM, Duck Creek Technologies. “Cyban is a fantastic value-add for insurers, and Duck Creek is thrilled to welcome World Programming and InsurTechnix into our rapidly-growing partner ecosystem.”

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