Duck Creek Expands Investment in Australia, Releases New Packages

The company has set up a regional product team and released several fully supported software packages.

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Duck Creek Technologies (Boston) announced that it has expanded its investment in the Australian market, releasing several software packages and setting up a regional product development team to cater to the needs of its current and future customers in the region.

Shaji Sethu, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Duck Creek Technologies.

“Our sincere belief is that localization of our product and its ongoing support should be our responsibility, not something our systems integrator partners or customers should have to worry about,” comments Shaji Sethu, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Duck Creek Technologies. Duck Creek will now be the first significant platform provider to the Australian workers’ compensation market for years.

“With the introduction of these packages and our continued investment in the local market, this is really only the beginning of Duck Creek Technologies’ commitment to delivering truly customer-centric solutions to a market ready to fully embrace the digital insurance experience,” Ella Jurotte, Product Manager, Asia Pacific, Duck Creek Technologies. “We understand that business users need easily adaptable, innovative, and intelligent insights and automation that enable them to focus their skills and time where it matters most – supporting customers during their time of need. The accelerated adoption of digital engagement that we’ve seen in the last two years requires systems that provide agility and flexibility like Duck Creek’s low-code, cloud-native OnDemand solution. By embracing our evergreen approach, insurers can be nimble in their products and services for what is a forever-evolving environment and respond to industry regulations and trends—or indeed be the trendsetters themselves.”

As a result of the company’s investment, Duck Creek has released several fully supported packages that the vendor describes as follows:

Duck Creek Policy Workers’ Compensation Package

Workers’ Compensation is a standalone package, available on Duck Creek’s Content Exchange, which must be deployed over the AU base for Duck Creek Policy and Duck Creek Claims. It provides interview pages for workers’ compensation and has rating implemented for the state of NSW, and the framework can be easily expandable to other states.

Duck Creek Claims Workers’ Compensation ODIN/SIRA Package:

David Matthews, Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Duck Creek Technologies.

In order for customers to be compliant with SIRA regulations, we have provided an accelerator. This helps customers to capture all the information with regards to regulation for workers’ compensation claims for NSW state. This information can then be pushed into our Data Hub product and sent to regulatory bodies.

Duck Creek Claims Benefit Calculator Generic Scheme for NSW

This package provides a framework to configure a benefit calculator and PAYG calculator. It has been configured for the state of NSW and can be added on top of the SIRA/ODIN accelerator for NSW. It contains all the calculations with regards to the generic scheme for NSW.

“Workers’ compensation is a critical safety net for the citizens of Australia. It provides a guarantee to all workers that they will be looked after and helped to return to the best life possible following injury,” comments David Matthews, Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Duck Creek Technologies. “Duck Creek continues to provide the tools to help our clients provide the best outcomes possible for their clients.”

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