Duck Creek Expands Ecosystem with Enhanced Content Exchange and New Integrations

The P&C insurance software vendor offers carriers easier access to new services and capabilities, and the opportunity to engage with a growing roster of InsurTechs to accelerate innovation.

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Duck Creek Technologies (Boston) has expanded its Anywhere Ecosystem with a new collection of integrations to third-party software vendors, as well as an update to its Content Exchange, allowing users to review documentation and download packages of software samples, accelerators, and standards, according to a vendor statement.

Jeff Haner, Research Director, Gartner.

The Duck Creek Content Exchange is publicly available and currently home to more than 180 assets, the vendor reports. Those assets include pre-configured line of business kits, reports, and over 50 third-party integrations composed of the Duck Creek Anywhere API, Anywhere Managed Integrations, and new Anywhere Enabled Integrations.

“The expanded scope and capabilities of the Duck Creek Anywhere Ecosystem reflect a strong move toward business platforms and broader ecosystems within the P&C insurance industry,” comments Jeff Haner, Research Director, Gartner (Stamford, Conn.). “Duck Creek, with its core offerings and expanding ecosystem, is positioned to provide both the foundation of a P&C core platform and an accelerated path for engaging with new partners, tapping emerging technologies, and supporting new products and business models.”

Duck Creek says The Anywhere Enabled Integrations program is rapidly increasing the number of InsurTechs contributing services and third-party integrations to the Duck Creek Anywhere Ecosystem, including new participants, Roost and UrbanStat.

Karlyn Carnahan, Research Director, Celent.

“Insurers looking to adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing landscape rely on a wide variety of digital capabilities not found in a traditional carrier’s application architecture,” comments Karlyn Carnahan, Head of Celent’s (Boston) property/casualty practice for the Americas. “By continuing to enhance and expand the Anywhere Ecosystem and Content Exchange, Duck Creek is driving speed to market and supporting the digital transformation of the insurance industry.”

Roost specializes in home telematics using smart connected devices, including smart 9V batteries for existing smoke alarms and floor-placed smart water leak detectors. With the Roost Anywhere Enabled Integration, alerts can be sent to an insured’s mobile phone to mitigate losses, and directly to their carrier to initiate and accelerate claims.

UrbanStat offers underwriting solutions for geographic modeling; machine learning for risk evaluation and optimization of portfolio and risk appetite; and real-time data analysis on a national scale. The packaged solution, with Anywhere Enabled Integration, provides a call to UrbanStat to retrieve detailed geographic information and returns an AI-based risk score using that information along with the historical losses of the insurer.

Karen Furtado, Partner, SMA.

“Connectivity into the new ecosystem of Insurtech and tech incumbents is critical for insurers to succeed in the digital market,” comments Karen Furtado, Partner, SMA (Boston). “Insurers’ interest in connecting to new technology and data ecosystems has accelerated significantly, but integration challenges have presented roadblocks that have slowed adoption. Duck Creek’s Anywhere Ecosystem, with its enhanced Content Exchange, provides a way for insurers to access a wide variety of APIs, integrations, and content.”

Duck Creek reports that Solution Partners contributing new Anywhere Enabled Integrations include the following:

Arity: a data and analytics company, founded by Allstate, analyzes billions of miles of driving data and other information to help insurers better evaluate risk and improve driver safety, connectivity, and value by leveraging telematics solutions

Cape Analytics: a property intelligence company that uses AI and geospatial imagery to provide detailed property information

Clyde Analytics: an advanced analytics firm offering out-of-the-box algorithms to help carriers make smarter decisions and deliver better products and services

Outline Systems: a software company that offers distribution channel management solutions to insurance carriers

Mike Jackowski, CEO, Duck Creek Technologies.

The vendor positions The Duck Creek Content Exchange, with its new upgrade and rapidly expanding collection of Anywhere Enabled Integrations, as corroborating the vendor’s claim to be a market-leading, open platform provider for the property/casualty insurance industry.

“Duck Creek’s objective is to enable P&C carriers to be smart, nimble and connected,” comments Michael Jackowski, CEO, Duck Creek. “That requires us to be open both in terms of technology and partnerships that allow our customers to engage with the robust insurtech ecosystem faster and more easily. These partnerships allow us to anticipate the evolving needs of insurers and expectations of insureds, as well as to continuously deliver excellence to a constantly-changing market.”

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