Duck Creek Expands CoreLogic Relationship to Bring Hazard Solutions to Customers

The expanded relationship gives Duck Creek’s customers access to more comprehensive hazard solutions.

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Duck Creek Technologies (Boston), announced that it has expanded its collaboration with CoreLogic (Irvine, Calif.), a major provider of property intelligence solutions, to help connect critical touchpoints for a seamless underwriting experience. Insurers use CoreLogic’s risk analytics solutions to help guide decision-making. Duck Creek says the growing relationship with the provider enables customers to obtain a deeper level of business intelligence, one where decisions can be made in real-time.

Mike Jackowski, CEO, Duck Creek Technologies.

Duck Creek notes that today its customers can readily leverage CoreLogic RiskMeter Hazard Risk layers such as Flood and Distance to Coast through Duck Creek Anywhere Managed Integrations program that optimizes carriers’ integration costs and total cost of ownership. The firms say they have each renewed their commitment to enhance and jointly deliver more compelling hazard solutions through a modern core system technology to Duck Creek’s customers in 2022.

“We have a great collaboration with CoreLogic across two key integrations and, together, continue to make the insurance industry more efficient,” comments Mike Jackowski, CEO,  Duck Creek. “Automating property underwriting intelligence and aggregating data in ways that give underwriters the insights they need quickly, makes for smarter insurance decisions. Simply put, we’re making it easier for insurance professionals to do their jobs.”

Comprehensive Natural Hazard Risk Information

Mick Noland, Managing Director, CoreLogic.

CoreLogic provides property insights and platforms to U.S. and global insurance carriers. CoreLogic’s RiskMeter solution gives underwriters, brokers, and agents what Duck Creek characterizes as comprehensive natural hazard risk information at their fingertips. RiskMeter offers 70+ natural hazard risk and building-specific reports to help carriers with risk selection, underwriting precision, and profitability. RiskMeter’s hazard data solutions are built using extensive data and AI/ML models developed by CoreLogic’s in-house team of industry experts, climate researchers, and data scientists.

“CoreLogic is pleased to support Duck Creek’s carrier customers as they strive to leverage hazard and risk solutions to power their digital transformation journey and deliver more efficient and compelling quoting and underwriting solutions,” says Mick Noland, EVP, Global Risk & Analytics Operations of CoreLogic Insurance Solutions. “We’re looking forward to discussing the benefits of this expanded alliance to carriers during Duck Creek’s upcoming Formation event.”

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