DroneBase Aerial Data Integrated into Esri Geospatial Cloud

The integration will allow Esri users to request drone flights from DroneBase through ArcGIS.

(Image source: DroneBase website.)

DroneBase (Santa Monica, Calif.), a global drone services company serving insurance and other industries, and a partner of Esri (Redlands, Calif.), a global provider of location intelligence, have integrated DroneBase data and capabilities into Esri’s cloud mapping and analytics platform, ArcGIS Online. The integration will allow Esri users to request drone flights from DroneBase through ArcGIS, according to a DroneBase statement.

Dan Burton, CEO and Founder, DroneBase.

“The integration of DroneBase into Esri’s ArcGIS will enable Esri users to tap into DroneBase’s global pilot network, ultimately providing a scalable and efficient way to access drone image and data collection within the platform they use every day,” comments Dan Burton, CEO and Founder, DroneBase. “By integrating with Esri through the DroneBase API, DroneBase will be able to serve even more professional industries and individuals within architecture, engineering, construction, energy, insurance, real estate, and more.”

Owing to the integration, from within the ArcGIS platform, Esri customers can request aerial data capture from DroneBase, which will dispatch a vetted and experienced local drone pilot to collect the desired imagery, according the statement. Once the imagery is collected within 48 to 72 hours, the Esri customer will have the ability to seamlessly publish the imagery to their ArcGIS Online account. In addition, this will allow for current DroneBase and Esri customers to leverage their ArcGIS account to store all of their imagery in one place, utilizing the advanced technology from both companies.

Aerial imagery and data captured by DroneBase pilots can be easily used by any organization within the ArcGIS platform for any purpose that may benefit from drone imagery, including visual inspections, site monitoring, asset management, and situational awareness, the vendor says. By utilizing DroneBase’s pilot network, active in all 50 states and over 70 countries, users will have access to a collection of drone imagery, and then leverage any number of the apps available on ArcGIS to analyze the imagery and gain greater insights. For instance, architecture, engineering, and construction organizations that want to monitor site construction can easily, and cost-effectively assess the integrity of their assets or the extent of possible damage all in one place.

Revolutionizing Processes

“Emerging technology like drone collection services have the potential to revolutionize how we work across many industries,” comments Jeff Wilson, Emerging Business Manager, Esri. “The DroneBase integration means users can easily task their extensive global pilot network and leverage powerful drone imagery directly from within ArcGIS. Initiating the workflow from ArcGIS Online helps our users make better decisions and optimize their drone tasking requests by leveraging their existing geospatial content.”

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