Driver Technologies Launches Video Telematics-Based Driver Score

The new service aims to improve risk classification and underwriting by using mobile device-based telematics.

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Driver Technologies, Inc. (New York) a provider of AI-based road safety technology, has announced its Driver Technologies Rating Service Inc. (DTRS) is rolling out its newly launched Driver Score to commercial fleets and insurance partners. Driver Score is the first video telematics based score using mobile devices that helps insurance companies underwrite and classify the risk instead of implementing traditional factors such as demographics and credit scores, according to a Driver Technologies Statement.

Rashid Galadanci, CEO and Co-Founder, Driver Technologies

The Driver app transforms a user’s smartphone into a dash cam designed to improve road safety, providing users with a Driver Score after 10 hours of recorded driving. The software also provides coaching along the way to promote good driving habits.

“Nowadays, it’s difficult to find great coverage at an affordable price due to factors such as a poor credit score, which can damage a driver’s reputation, when really a driver’s driving behavior should be the key determinant,” says Rashid Galadanci, CEO and Co-Founder, Driver Technologies. “We are extremely excited to launch Driver Score as the first app-based video telematics scoring system to our commercial fleets to help promote good driving habits and create more opportunities for users to have the coverage they deserve.”

The factors that contribute to a driver’s Driver Score include traditional vehicle telematics factors, such as speed or hard braking, as well as contextual telematics via external video to help take into account the highest indicators of driving risk on the road. 

Motivating Drivers to Practice Safer Driving Behavior

Marcus Newbury, COO and Co-Founder, Driver Technologies

“Driver Technologies currently offers the most accessible solution to road safety features and a driver score by using an app on your smartphone that one can download on an iOS or Android device as well as via an OEM or Google Automotive platform,” comments Marcus Newbury, COO and Co-Founder, Driver Technologies. “Our Driver Score’s coaching capabilities will motivate drivers to practice safer driving behavior during their trips if they know their performance can result in discounted insurance premiums.”

Driver Technologies reports that it has found through internal research that its dash cam and safety app help drivers to implement safe driving behaviors and stop dangerous habits such as tailgating, running stop signs, hard braking and speeding after 20 hours of driving.

Driver Technologies Research Shows Dash Cams Significantly Improve Driver Safety

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