Driver Technologies Launches Commercial Fleet Referral Program

AI driving copilot app referral program for fleet managers and insurance brokers aims to increase access to telematics, HD video, cloud storage and driver safety.

(Image source: Driver Technologies website.)

Driver Technologies, Inc. (New York),  a provider of AI-based road safety and mobility technology, has announced the launch of its commercial fleet referral program, designed to give fleet managers, insurance brokers and existing commercial fleet users instant access to driving AI technology, telematics, HD video and cloud storage while unlocking a new revenue stream and potential discounts to clients.

Rashid Galadanci, CEO and Co-Founder, Driver Technologies.

Members of the Driver Commercial Fleet Referral Program can refer commercial fleet users for access to Driver’s AI driving copilot mobile app and cloud platform, which features automatic telematics, mounts for mobile devices for video features, instant cloud access via the Driver Cloud and AI safety alerts, analysis and coaching. Users and fleet managers can choose to share their cloud data with interested parties such as employers, insurers and family members to help improve driving behavior, share safety information or improve the insurance claims process through video evidence.

“Our newly launched Driver Commercial Fleet Referral Program allows us to partner with fleet managers and insurance partners who see the long-term benefits of fleet driving safety while offering them a revenue stream at the same time,” comments Rashid Galadanci, CEO and co-founder of Driver Technologies. “Now, through the Driver Commercial Fleet Referral program, fleet managers and insurance brokers can earn between $100 to $10,000 for referring fleets of various sizes between 1-200+ vehicles.”

According to data compiled by the American Trucking Association’s 2023 Safety Spend Survey, the industry invested $14 billion in safety in 2022, which is 40 percent higher than the agency’s 2015 survey. The survey also mentions that fleets are investing in voluntary, progressive safety initiatives like cutting-edge on-board safety technology, safe-driving incentives and preventative maintenance, which will pay future highway safety dividends.

Marcus Newbury, COO and Co-Founder, Driver Technologies

Empowering Fleet Drivers

“We’ve been rapidly developing our trucking and small commercial products over the last year, and we want to encourage our existing users and industry contacts to share our AI driving safety solution with their networks to help empower fleet drivers across the U.S. to have all the tools they need at a detailed level to improve their driving performance to get to their next destination safely,” says Marcus Newbury, COO and co-founder of Driver Technologies. “Through our program, we’re also able to connect fleet managers with insurers who can provide discounts for commercial and personal users of Driver’s technology to continue democratizing road safety efforts.”

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