Denim Labs Debuts “Insurance-Smart” Social Media Advertising Platform

American National, Denim’s first customer reports converting a high level of traffic to the websites of our agents who are participating in Denim-driven ad campaigns.

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When it comes to social media marketing, it should be easier and more comfortable to work smarter. That’s the pitch accompanying the debut of Denim Labs’ (Des Moines) launch of its “Insurance-Smart” social media advertising platform at the InsureTech Connect event in Las Vegas. Built on the IBM Cloud, the new offering provides insurance and financial services firms with omni-channel marketing and distribution that connects customers to insurance products at their exact moment of need.

Gregory Bailey, CEO, Denim Labs.

Gregory Bailey, CEO, Denim Labs.

Denim Labs CEO Gregory Bailey emphasized the platform’s ease of use in a conversation with Insurance Innovation Reporter, explaining the choice of its name: “We wanted the software to feel as easy as wearing a favorite pair of blue jeans.”

Working smarter, in the case of Denim, is a matter of both the efficiency and insurance-specificity of the platform. With regard to efficiency, Bailey says, “it literally takes a corporate marketing employee two minutes to build and launch a FB ad campaign on behalf thousands of their members.” By comparison an insurance marketer using Facebook’s native tools to build and launch a campaign for 1,000 agents could spend approximately five fulltime workdays (42 hours), according to Bailey.

Microsegmentation Approach

With regard to “insurance-smart,” the Denim platform incorporates insurance expertise, including that which Bailey accumulated over two decades working at firms such as Mutual of Omaha, CUNA Mutual and Pacific Life. In addition to being designed for the industry, the platform takes a microsegmentation approach, targeting prospects with relevant content received directly from local agents or advisors.

“Denim makes you smarter,” Bailey commented during his presentation at InsureTech Connect. “The Denim platform empowers corporate marketers to launch, manage and scale social media advertising for thousands of agents, advisors and brokers simultaneously.

Scott Campbell, SVP, CMO, American National.

Scott Campbell, SVP, CMO, American National.

“Denim builds profiles, allows customization by each insurer and enables micro-targeted advertising that delivers predictable outcomes,” Bailey elaborated. “By displaying local ads at scale where consumers spend their time—in their favorite social media newsfeed on their smartphone—the consumer is more likely to convert, allowing agents and insurers to successfully drive results from the mobile and social channel.”

Positive and Dramatic Results

Denim has already been implemented by American National Insurance Company (Galveston, Texas). “We rolled out Denim and presented it as a service to several of our leading agents,” comments Scott Campbell, EVP, chief marketing officer, Multiple Line, American National. “So far our results have been positive and dramatic. The platform is comfortable and easy for our team to use, and Denim has definitely made us more efficient. We are converting a high level of traffic to the websites of our agents who are participating in Denim-driven ad campaigns.

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