DeNexus Launches V4.0 of DeRISK Platform to Quantify Cyber Risk

The solution provides evidence-based authentic and transparent data to let companies measure the financial impact of cyber risks on their business. 

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DeNexus Inc. (Sausalito, Calif.), a provider of cyber risk modeling for industrial organizations, global (re)insurers and insurance linked securities (ILS) investorsl, has announced the release of Version 4.0 of the company’s flagship DeRISK Platform, a tool that provides evidence-based authentic and transparent data to let companies measure the financial impact of cyber risks on their business.

José M. Seara, CEO, DeNexus.

DeNexus reports that it has launched the product as the latest in a series of ever-improving cyber models which are aimed at helping industrial organizations, underwriters, reinsurers, and ILS investors fully understand the real risks associated with cyber breaches, which the vendor says creates a level playing field for all the stakeholders.

“We are delighted to be launching the latest version of this tool for our clients,” comments José M. Seara, CEO, DeNexus. “The DeNexus platform is an indispensable enabler of cyber risk management and a risk transfer facilitator, which will allow our industrial clients to manage cyber-related enterprise risk and expand their businesses with confidence.”

DeNexus says it has expanded the capabilities of the DeRISK Platform with advances in modeling and reporting functions that make DeRISK more scalable and aligned with key risk assessment, security, and maturity frameworks. This allows DeNexus’ clients to understand the financial impact that cyber risk can have on an organization’s risk posture, investment strategy and balance sheet, the vendor says.

Alessandro Nepoti, CTO, DeNexus.

Highest Level of Data Security

The DeRISK Platform is SOC 2 Compliant, which the vendor says assures the highest level of data security for critical infrastructure organizations.

“Cybersecurity and overall risk management have become increasingly synonymous for industrial organizations,” comments Alessandro Nepoti, CTO, DeNexus. “The market needs a solution that can unify cybersecurity and risk management. With this version of DeRISK, we have invested heavily in that demand.”

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