DELA cooperative Begins Transformation Program with Partner Charles Taylor InsureTech

The multi-phase digital and business transformation, structured around product and system replacement, will serve as a foundation for DELA’s European growth.

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DELA cooperative (Eindhoven, Netherlands), a funeral services provider and life insurer, has begun a transformation program with Charles Taylor InsureTech (London) to establish a “digital first” platform. DELA’s selection of Charles Taylor InsureTech as its partner in the initiative, which underpins the company’s strategic objectives for European growth, was announced in April 2019.

Charles Taylor InsureTech reports that the initial phase of the transformation program involves the implementation of INSIS core Policy Administration System (from Charles Taylor InsureTech partner Fadata), within the Oracle Cloud, which is intended to create a strong foundation for ongoing development, while reducing DELA’s IT and operational costs, as well as empowering the company to deliver world-leading customer propositions. The transformation will enable DELA to accelerate new product launches, stay ahead of the competition, and exceed their customer expectations, the vendor says.

“We’ve had detailed discussions and workshops with DELA, over several months, to fully understand their business drivers and needs,” comments Dave Smith, Practice Director, Life, Health & Pensions, Charles Taylor InsureTech. “Our in-depth domain knowledge, technical insight and implementation expertise has come into play to both challenge DELA’s thinking, but also give them valuable insight and advice that has led to us agreeing on the best solution to meet the company’s needs.”

Jason Sahota, CEO, Charles Taylor InsureTech.

The initiative’s road map calls for Charles Taylor InsureTech working in partnership with Oracle, Cintra, JMR and Fadata to deploy INSIS in the Cloud. The program will deliver a new IT landscape, which includes the implementation of new cloud-based policy administration, CRM and finance systems that will collectively deliver greater scalability, better customer insights and enable DELA to deliver service excellence to its customers, according to the vendor.

Program Phases Correspond to Product and System Replacement

The transformation program is structured by insurance product and existing system replacement, Charles Taylor InsureTech reports. The implementation of INSIS will support full end-to-end lifecycle management for the first DELA insurance product, while a new policy administration processing model for back office users will bring about greater operational efficiencies, the vendor reports. Delivered within Oracle Cloud the INSIS solution will be deployed as a fully managed service provided by Charles Taylor InsureTech with its partner Cintra. The data migration phase is already underway with JMR Software, who are existing partners of Charles Taylor InsureTech and experts in data migration.

“Our people, approach and solutions enable us to deliver highly complex business and IT transformation programs,” comments Jason Sahota, CEO, Charles Taylor InsureTech. “We are pleased that DELA selected us and we are already establishing a strong working relationship that we trust will develop further over many years.”

DELA Undertakes Digital Transformation with Charles Taylor InsureTech

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