Dais Technology Launches Customer Experience Layer

This new feature within the no-code InsurTech platform lets insurers deliver highly customized customer journeys without the need for extensive IT resources.

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Origami Risk (Chicago) subsidiary Dais Technology, provider of an API-driven, no-code platform that integrates with existing systems to support the full product lifecycle, has announced the launch of its customer experience layer. This new feature within Dais’ no-code InsurTech platform empowers insurers to deliver highly customized and seamless customer journeys, from intake to quoting, without the need for extensive IT resources, according to a statement from the company.

“Our goal at Dais has always been to empower insurers with the tools they need to deliver exceptional value to their customers,” comments Jason Kolb, president, Dais. “The customer experience solution enables insurers to offer a truly customized and seamless experience to their customers, with the flexibility to adapt products quickly to meet changing demands.”

Jason Kolb, President, Dais Technology.

Dais says the new customer experience layer allows insurers to leverage a flexible packaging layer within the platform’s intuitive no-code interface. This accelerates the development of insurance products that not only meet the specific needs of insurance buyers but also enhance the overall behavior and automation of these products downstream through the carrier’s distribution network, according to the vendor. “In effect, this innovative capability is designed to make insurance products more modular, significantly easing the process of upgrading and tailoring them to specific customer segments,” the Dais statement says.

Dais Technology describes key features of its customer experience layer as follows:

Modular product design. Insurance products can be more easily customized and upgraded, ensuring they evolve with market demands and customer expectations.

Quick and bindable quotes. Insurers can offer timely estimates and bindable quotes, streamlining the decision-making process for insurance agents/brokers and buyers.

Tailored experiences. Custom experiences can be created for different programs, lines of business, and niche-specific products, enhancing satisfaction for buyers and their agents/brokers.

Comprehensive policy administration. The solution simplifies policy administration, allowing for seamless management of different operating units and lines of business.

Integration with Verisk RaaS. Insurance agents/brokers and buyers gain a friendly interface on top of Verisk RaaS products, ensuring a robust and efficient backend support system.

The vendor asserts that its new solution also gives insurers the flexibility to determine the behavior and characteristics of their products without being constrained by traditional systems and technology. Dais says that flexibility reflects the company’s commitment to driving continuous innovation, with the goal of offering unparalleled speed to market and flexibility in insurance product development and management.

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