Cytora Partners with ZestyAI to Bolster Commercial Property Underwriting

ZestyAI’s integration into the Cytora platform equips commercial insurance underwriters with the analytics and risk scores they need to assess and manage climate-related risks.

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ZestyAI (San Francisco),  a provider of climate and property risk analytics solutions powered by artificial intelligence, has announced a partnership with Cytora (New York), a digital risk processing platform. ZestyAI’s integration into the Cytora platform equips commercial insurance underwriters with the analytics and risk scores they need to assess and manage climate-related risks, according to a ZestyAI statement.

Juan de Castro, COO, Cytora.

ZestyAI contextualizes the partnership by citing a rise in losses from natural disasters that were once considered “secondary perils,” such as wildfires and severe storms, including hail, has become growing concern for commercial property insurers. ZestyAI describes itself as specializing in harnessing artificial intelligence to assess risk exposure at the property level, and offering comprehensive climate risk models that account for all factors impacting a property’s value and its susceptibility to natural disasters.

The following are key benefits of the Integration, as described by ZestyAI:

Comprehensive Climate Risk Assessment: ZestyAI’s climate models accessible within the Cytora platform provide insurers with a holistic view of a property’s risk exposure to natural disasters, such as severe convective storms and wildfires.

Enhanced Risk Management: With a more accurate understanding of climate risk, commercial carriers can reduce loss ratio through superior control over risk selection and offer tailored insurance solutions based on the insights provided by ZestyAI’s climate models.

Faster, More Consistent Decisions: The integration of ZestyAI’s climate risk models into Cytora expedites commercial carrier workflows by facilitating straight-through processing of low risks, auto-declining high risks, and scaling underwriting capacity to where it’s needed most.

Attila Toth, CEO,

“At Cytora, we are committed to empowering insurers with the most advanced tools for assessing and managing risks,” comments Juan de Castro, COO, Cytora. “Our partnership with ZestyAI and the integration of their climate models into our platform is a testament to this commitment. It equips insurers with a powerful resource for understanding and mitigating climate-related risks, ultimately helping them provide superior insurance solutions.”

“Climate risk is threatening the stability of the insurance industry, costing hundreds of billions of dollars annually,” Attila Toth, Founder and CEO, ZestyAI. “By offering an approach rooted in materials science and atmospheric science to major challenges like wildfires and severe convective storms, we are bringing greater understanding and accuracy to underwriting and enhancing the insurance industry’s ability to manage these risks effectively. We are honored to be able to make our climate models available to Cytora customers.”

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